Laura Pausini and Biagio Antonacci on tour: the courage to start from friendship

Laura Pausini and Biagio Antonacci have announced a tour together in Italian stadiums.


Here’s what they told us in our video interview

Today’s news is not just that of the ten-date tour in the Italian stadiums that Laura Pausini and Biagio Antonacci have just launched. The news today is that, in the complicated world of the music industry, it is still possible to talk about friendship . Of projects that do not start from marketing but from a sincere will to share. Of projects whose starting point is lived life, real life.

In any case, yes: everything is confirmed. After the voices of the last days, Laura Pausini and Biagio Antonacci announced the dates of their first tour together . The summer 2019 will see them as protagonists in ten events that will start on June 26th from Bari . Then Rome, Milan, Florence, Bologna, Turin, Padua, Pescara. To close with Messina and Cagliari. Here all the details .

To present this ambitious live project, the two artists recounted some anecdotes of these years together: “We have been truly friends for twenty-five years. But we always have little time to see each other, to be together, “started the Pausini. Biagio continues: «One morning Laura wrote me a message, she proposed a tour together in the stadiums ».

Our video interview with Laura Pausini and Biagio Antonacci



So, the two were mobilized to organize this tour, even if the initial plans for the singer of Solarolo were others: “I wanted to make a 2019 a little more” regular “. I want to write, and to write I need to live. But when Biagio first told me about this idea, he did it on a day when I felt particularly down. So we decided to do it ». And he continued. ” We made promotional photos in the backyard of my house, I rented the barriers . I dressed a little ‘elegant. I believe this photo represents what we said. There is the explosion, the rock part. But there is also our “ballad” soul ».

Antonacci wanted to take a look at the past to remember the genesis of their relationship: ” I remembered it when he was singing from Napoleon to Bologna with his father. I often went to eat there with Lucio Dalla, with Luca Carboni . Then I saw her in Sanremo. I wanted to send her a telegram: “You are the best, you will win” ».

During the conference, Laura Pausini recalls the importance that the words of Antonacci have had in his career . In fact, among others, Biagio wrote for her Between You and the Sea (“It is one of the most important of my career and it was the moment when I said my first” no “,” Laura dixit “and Vivimi .

The stories are not spared. From that time Biagio took Laura for a drive and then to Rozzano, where he was performing at the beginning: “We were too cute,” remembers Laura.

The key word of the tour is “to give back “. To restore the love that the public has always made them feel, in all the moments of their solo careers: “In recent times there has been a lot of talk about the relationship between man and woman to refer to episodes of violence. But in this case you have before you a female and a male who simply want to be good and who demonstrate this thing . At this moment, while we shake hands, we sincerely want each other “, explained Pausini.

The tour lineup is not yet ready : “We will do it at my house in early January,” explained Pausini. «I made a first list of thirty-six Biagio songs that I would like to insert. And I’ve already removed so many “. The two confirm: “There will be times when we will sing together, others in which Laura sings Biagio or Biagio sings Laura. We will always be on stage. And then the stage will be very big ».

The two artists have meanwhile launched their duet Il Coraggio di Andare , a new version of the song that closed Fatti Sentire , the latest unpublished project by the singer of Solarolo. Next December 7 comes Fatti Sentire Ancora : project with CD (embellished by this version with Antonacci), live DVD and a book-magazine.

Laura Pausini has recently brought home a new Latin Grammy (just for Fatti Sentire , in Spanish Hazte Sentir ), a reason to feel even more proud of being Italian: « When they said” Laura Pausini “I felt the flag on me . He enveloped me. In recent years I have become more fragile, I am more in need of caresses “. And when asked if he had attended exclusive parties after the ceremony, he said: “After a press conference and photos, you can finally see your family. We went to our hotel room, I ordered a double burger and we were chatting together. “

In short: Pausini and Antonacci together. But above all Laura and Biagio together . A union that is good for music and that sees us all waiting to discover what will be born on the stage.


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Gabriele Ciampi presents :”Hybrid” My experiment

She recently released her debut album “DOGVIOLET”: we met English singer Laurel in Milan on the occasion of her first Italian live

Laurel Arnell-Cullen

Laurel Arnell-Cullen is a very special singer-songwriter who at the young age of 14 was already performing in the middle school auditoriums and pubs in the area where she lived. Big musical loves like Florence and the Machine , The xx, Laura Marling and Lorde that you find as cardinal points in the skinny sound – often just a little rough voice and acoustic guitar – but with a powerful and sometimes soft rendering, for his excellent album DOGVIOLET debut ( Counter Records ). We photographed her in Milan for her first Italian concert: you will find the complete shooting on the December-January issue of Billboard Italia.

When did you discover that you have such an interesting and special voice?

It was during elementary school that I started to sing every day, trying to perform every week. I never thought of having a “special” voice, it is the others who have to say it.

Where did you grow up? And in these places have you also found inspiration as an artist?

I grew up in the area between Southampton and Portsmouth in a small town and honestly they are not places that have given me many cultural stimuli. Perhaps from this context I decided to explore bigger and more interesting cities.

Some of our colleagues compare you to Florence Welch but we would like to know from you: who are the singers who really inspired and influenced you?

I love Florence Welch but there are also other singers and artists that I appreciate, like Maggie Rodgers, Talking Heads, Debbie Harry, Mac DeMarco, Beach House …

Can you name a woman in the music business that really was teaching and supporting you?

Barbara Charone (known in England simply as “BC”, worked with Madonna and launched the career of Duffy, Rufus Wainwright and Mark Ronson, ed ), who took care of my promotion. At the beginning I was also a little intimidated by her presence and by the energy she transmits having her beside her. I met a few people with this power and it is an incredible experience.

Which cities do you love?

London and Paris.

Define your generation in three words.

Ready to riot .

Which song would you sing to a guy that you really like?

No … I would cry with emotion!

Tell us two names of new bands or artists that you saw and they will split.

Faux Real: they are a spectacular duo that has not yet made releases but are touring between London and surroundings and they are truly spectacular! Then Polly Money: she is supporting me on tour and plays in my band. His songs have stuck in my head for weeks!

What’s the thing that really makes you angry?

Who does not clean the toilet!

Tell us your first concert and your first festival as a spectator.

Miley Cyrus ! And Isle of Wight Festival


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Hozier:Nina Cried Power

The EP “Nina Cried Power” is a taste of what will be the second studio album by Hozier, coming out in 2019. We talked with him a few hours before the live in Milan

Hozier has recently moved from Italy (specifically to the Alcatraz in Milan) to present live – in addition to his previous successes, such as the super hit Take Me to Church – also the new tracks contained in Nina Cried Power . The EP, released in September , is the same admission of its author as a sort of teaser of what will be his second studio album, out in 2019. We talked with him a few hours before the live.

Hozier and Mavis Staples during the recordings of Nina Cried Power


The anticipations on the new album 


” All the songs have already been recorded and the mix is in its final stages – reveals Hozier – The album will be released in early spring of 2019. There will be some singles: Movement is the first of them. The EP was a good “teaser” for some of the themes and atmospheres that will be on the record. Probably Nina Cried Power will be included in the tracklist. It will be a very varied album: there are very folk, traditional, and more rock and roll songs. “

Nina Cried Power : a protest song 




Regarding the title track of the EP Hozier speaks with great transport and circumstantial reasons that have pushed him to write a real protest song: ” I wanted to make a song that was full of hope and not cynical , that looked at the work of other artists under different circumstances: for example Mavis Staples, Woody Guthrie or Nina Simone (all mentioned in the text, ed ), all people who made their voices heard on topics they felt important. And this constituted a document of what we often find inspiration. It’s just my thanks for all this. I wanted to write something that spoke of the spirit of solidarity and protest “.

The conversation takes a marked “social-conscious” turn that has now remained the preserve of a small minority of artists: ” For me everything is political – continues Hozier, inadvertently quoting Pasolini – Even the clothes we wear and the music we listen to or create have a political dimension. If something involves people’s experience, it has a political implication. Songs are not just songs: they are documents of a time and a place. They are important because of the context in which they were made “.

The song was also born of a feeling of frustration to see that, for fear of passing through a moral stand on a pedestal, few artists today take the trouble to write songs for a better world. But once it was different: “For people like Mavis Staples (living legend of soul / R & B, sing with him in the piece, ed ) it was not an option: it was something that had to be done. For them the need for change was a very serious matter, as was the fact of writing songs about it. “

The collaboration with Mavis Staples 


The featuring of Mavis Staples has its roots in an admiration for the world of black music that animated Hozier from an early age: “As a kid I was very much listening to the Staple Singers (the band of Mavis, ed ). I loved gospel music, its vocal harmonies. Then I discovered his context and I was fascinated. Songs like Long Walk to DC were an invitation to join the march. “

For her, she nourishes the highest esteem both as a musician and as a person: “I know she had heard Take Me to Church and she liked it very much, she hummed it from time to time. When the song was born there was no doubt that it had to be done with her. We did not meet until the day we recorded it. You can not imagine how kind and charismatic it is: the sweetest and most warm person I have ever known. We had a great day recording vocals in Chicago. “


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Nathalia Gaviria behind the costumes of the video

Nathalia Gaviria is the fashion designer who has chosen the clothes of J Balvin’s new videoclip. Here’s what he told Billboard

After debuting in the top 10 of the Hot Latin Songs and reaching 72 million views on YouTube in a month, it is not surprising that J Balvin’s Machika with Anitta and Jeon is hot. From the catchy rhythm of the song to the futuristic theme of the world represented in the video, his creativity increases, particularly when it comes to fashion in the visual of three and a half minutes.

J Balvin’s Machika with Anitta and Jeon



The woman behind the fantastic clothes of Machika ‘s video is the Colombian designer Nathalia Gaviria ,



whose work has often been associated with names such as Paris Hilton, Cara Delevingne or Diddy. However, his talent was not sufficiently noticed until the publication of Machika, with his beautiful costumes.

The video, which was inspired by the film Mad Max , takes place in Machika – an imaginary dystopian city of the future created by the reggaeton singer himself. Despite having only two and a half weeks to create the video wardrobe, Gaviria designed 20 musical video looks, including J Balvin’s, Anitta’s and Jeon’s flashy outfits. Their looks represent three specific tribes in this futuristic world: underground, jungle and desert that are represented respectively by Jeon, Anita and J Balvin.




Given these details as guidelines to follow, Nathalia Gaviria then created iconic looks : the gray, black and neutral dresses of Jeon that perfectly represent the linearity and simplicity of the underground tribe, the marvelous green and metallic costumes of Anitta that show the his strength and his sex appeal like the queen, and J Balvin’s looks that were opposite: conventional at first, then extremely bold with a green poncho accompanied by a wolf’s head. “That’s one of my favorites,” he said at the time of creation.

What makes working on this music video so special for Gaviria is not only the projects, but also the opportunity to show them through a Latin artist. “You know, I never would have thought, a result like this was not even in my expectations,” he told Billboard. “All of this is simply incredible. I am so happy and so amazed. What makes me so proud is the fact that he too is Colombian, he is a Latin. It comes from my country. See what’s happening. 72 million views are so many ».

Her hard work and creativity have opened many doors: she was invited (for the first time) to show one of her two lines ” NG: GOLD ” at the New York Fashion Week on Sunday 11 February.

Grateful for the feedback that came to her, Gaviria could not believe the feedback she received . “Most people did not know me and I had a great response from them, so it was very, very nice,” he said. “There are no words to explain. From the moment they started putting clothes … everyone told me they loved it, which was one of their favorite collections and they were happy. It was exciting: things like these make me really proud.





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The revival of the Buffalo, from the 90s with fury

A fashion exploded in the ’90s: the famous shoes with wedges represented an epic trend, capable of unleashing feelings of love and hate never so deep and visceral


Look through the eyes of today, the Buffalo wedges had something revolutionary :


they were proudly ugly. So ugly to challenge the aesthetic canons of the times to become, magically, irresistible enough to enter the permanent collection of the Met Museum in New York. To make them even more desirable for the young was then the most daring band of the moment: the Spice Girls.

Emma Bunton wore them with very short miniskirts, oblivious to the fact that they certainly did not throw her legs anything but thin , while Geri Halliwell combined them with tight bodysuits and ostrich boas (unforgettable her blue-white-red Buffaloes who cited the British flag). Even more extreme was Mel B, the “Scary Spice”, who wore them with animalier suits or golden leggings.

They were brave, the buffaloes, and even openly tamarized. But this did not hinder their spread like wildfire across Europe. Wanting to rehabilitate them, it can be said that the Buffalo contributed significantly to the emancipation of the diktat of beauty and 80s hedonism. It was as if they were saying, “We’re ugly, but we do not care!”, And the same one brought them.

The Buffalo became the expression of a new, feverish wave of freedom and optimism that had as its propeller the fall of the Berlin Wall and the beginning of a new, exciting, historical era. Although they were German, the Buffaloes ended up being one of the symbols of that Cool Britannia they had found in Tony Blair’s New Labor , in Hugh Grant’s comedies and in the britpop of Blur, Oasis and Supergrass, his official storytellers. The United Kingdom was leaving behind Margareth Thatcher’s three long terms and began to look forward to the future. And he did it (also) through that aesthetic break with the past.

Speaking a little bit of history, the Buffaloes were actually born well before Cool Britain and the dissolution of the Soviet Union, exactly in West Germany in 1979, in Hochheim in the Land of Hesse. The first models consisted of cowboy boots as the fashion wanted among teenagers, while in the ’80s the first line of sports sneakers was introduced, and then the club, with a high wedge. The turning point however was the early 90s, when the wedge boots became one of the must-haves of the Berlin techno-ravers, and 1995 was the year of the first Buffalo Classic , the most famous model. The Hightower version, with a smooth wedge, reached dizzying heights: up to 50 cm.

Besides the Spice Girls, they loved Madonna , Cameron Diaz, Nsync and even Cher. Their moment of glory, however, had a short life, and with the appearance of the new millennium fell into oblivion (to the delight of detractors). Among the various revivals that have taken place in the last twenty years, they have never returned to the limelight. Until today: the news of the relaunch of the Buffalo Classic has been released a few months ago through a series of collaborations with various brands and stylists. In March 2018 the collections designed together with Julia Watanabe – Comme Des Garçons and the Opening Ceremony brand were presented. In October the collaboration with the Berlin designer Patrick Mohr will be launched.

In short, the bad returns to be in fashion? It would seem so. And to confirm it is also the trend of the Chunky Sneakers , the ugly but cool sneakers, characterized by important shapes and high and shaped soles. A trend started by sports brands that immediately affected the luxury: to propose the most trendy models are Gucci, with the Rhyton sneakers made of ivory treated leather for a worn effect, Balenciaga, with the famous Triple S designed by Demna Gvasalia, and Dior Homme with the B22, leather and technical fabric sneakers loved by rappers and models like Big Sean and Bella Hadid.

Buffalo Triple S

Triple S sneaker


Observing them well, they seem to get straight straight from the 90s, with models that rework the concept of beauty subverting that taste for minimalism that had also convinced the brands of sportswear like Nike. And exactly as happened to the Buffalo, the world has already divided into fans and haters. For now they seem to win fans, with the Chunky Sneakers protagonists of the outfits of musicians, models and stars. But never say never: in a couple of years it could happen to be ashamed of wearing them, just like it happened with the Buffaloes. History, as we know, is a repeating cycle.

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