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She recently released her debut album “DOGVIOLET”: we met English singer Laurel in Milan on the occasion of her first Italian live

Laurel Arnell-Cullen

Laurel Arnell-Cullen is a very special singer-songwriter who at the young age of 14 was already performing in the middle school auditoriums and pubs in the area where she lived. Big musical loves like Florence and the Machine , The xx, Laura Marling and Lorde that you find as cardinal points in the skinny sound – often just a little rough voice and acoustic guitar – but with a powerful and sometimes soft rendering, for his excellent album DOGVIOLET debut ( Counter Records ). We photographed her in Milan for her first Italian concert: you will find the complete shooting on the December-January issue of Billboard Italia.

When did you discover that you have such an interesting and special voice?

It was during elementary school that I started to sing every day, trying to perform every week. I never thought of having a “special” voice, it is the others who have to say it.

Where did you grow up? And in these places have you also found inspiration as an artist?

I grew up in the area between Southampton and Portsmouth in a small town and honestly they are not places that have given me many cultural stimuli. Perhaps from this context I decided to explore bigger and more interesting cities.

Some of our colleagues compare you to Florence Welch but we would like to know from you: who are the singers who really inspired and influenced you?

I love Florence Welch but there are also other singers and artists that I appreciate, like Maggie Rodgers, Talking Heads, Debbie Harry, Mac DeMarco, Beach House …

Can you name a woman in the music business that really was teaching and supporting you?

Barbara Charone (known in England simply as “BC”, worked with Madonna and launched the career of Duffy, Rufus Wainwright and Mark Ronson, ed ), who took care of my promotion. At the beginning I was also a little intimidated by her presence and by the energy she transmits having her beside her. I met a few people with this power and it is an incredible experience.

Which cities do you love?

London and Paris.

Define your generation in three words.

Ready to riot .

Which song would you sing to a guy that you really like?

No … I would cry with emotion!

Tell us two names of new bands or artists that you saw and they will split.

Faux Real: they are a spectacular duo that has not yet made releases but are touring between London and surroundings and they are truly spectacular! Then Polly Money: she is supporting me on tour and plays in my band. His songs have stuck in my head for weeks!

What’s the thing that really makes you angry?

Who does not clean the toilet!

Tell us your first concert and your first festival as a spectator.

Miley Cyrus ! And Isle of Wight Festival


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