Laura Pausini and Biagio Antonacci on tour: the courage to start from friendship

Laura Pausini and Biagio Antonacci have announced a tour together in Italian stadiums.


Here’s what they told us in our video interview

Today’s news is not just that of the ten-date tour in the Italian stadiums that Laura Pausini and Biagio Antonacci have just launched. The news today is that, in the complicated world of the music industry, it is still possible to talk about friendship . Of projects that do not start from marketing but from a sincere will to share. Of projects whose starting point is lived life, real life.

In any case, yes: everything is confirmed. After the voices of the last days, Laura Pausini and Biagio Antonacci announced the dates of their first tour together . The summer 2019 will see them as protagonists in ten events that will start on June 26th from Bari . Then Rome, Milan, Florence, Bologna, Turin, Padua, Pescara. To close with Messina and Cagliari. Here all the details .

To present this ambitious live project, the two artists recounted some anecdotes of these years together: “We have been truly friends for twenty-five years. But we always have little time to see each other, to be together, “started the Pausini. Biagio continues: «One morning Laura wrote me a message, she proposed a tour together in the stadiums ».

Our video interview with Laura Pausini and Biagio Antonacci



So, the two were mobilized to organize this tour, even if the initial plans for the singer of Solarolo were others: “I wanted to make a 2019 a little more” regular “. I want to write, and to write I need to live. But when Biagio first told me about this idea, he did it on a day when I felt particularly down. So we decided to do it ». And he continued. ” We made promotional photos in the backyard of my house, I rented the barriers . I dressed a little ‘elegant. I believe this photo represents what we said. There is the explosion, the rock part. But there is also our “ballad” soul ».

Antonacci wanted to take a look at the past to remember the genesis of their relationship: ” I remembered it when he was singing from Napoleon to Bologna with his father. I often went to eat there with Lucio Dalla, with Luca Carboni . Then I saw her in Sanremo. I wanted to send her a telegram: “You are the best, you will win” ».

During the conference, Laura Pausini recalls the importance that the words of Antonacci have had in his career . In fact, among others, Biagio wrote for her Between You and the Sea (“It is one of the most important of my career and it was the moment when I said my first” no “,” Laura dixit “and Vivimi .

The stories are not spared. From that time Biagio took Laura for a drive and then to Rozzano, where he was performing at the beginning: “We were too cute,” remembers Laura.

The key word of the tour is “to give back “. To restore the love that the public has always made them feel, in all the moments of their solo careers: “In recent times there has been a lot of talk about the relationship between man and woman to refer to episodes of violence. But in this case you have before you a female and a male who simply want to be good and who demonstrate this thing . At this moment, while we shake hands, we sincerely want each other “, explained Pausini.

The tour lineup is not yet ready : “We will do it at my house in early January,” explained Pausini. «I made a first list of thirty-six Biagio songs that I would like to insert. And I’ve already removed so many “. The two confirm: “There will be times when we will sing together, others in which Laura sings Biagio or Biagio sings Laura. We will always be on stage. And then the stage will be very big ».

The two artists have meanwhile launched their duet Il Coraggio di Andare , a new version of the song that closed Fatti Sentire , the latest unpublished project by the singer of Solarolo. Next December 7 comes Fatti Sentire Ancora : project with CD (embellished by this version with Antonacci), live DVD and a book-magazine.

Laura Pausini has recently brought home a new Latin Grammy (just for Fatti Sentire , in Spanish Hazte Sentir ), a reason to feel even more proud of being Italian: « When they said” Laura Pausini “I felt the flag on me . He enveloped me. In recent years I have become more fragile, I am more in need of caresses “. And when asked if he had attended exclusive parties after the ceremony, he said: “After a press conference and photos, you can finally see your family. We went to our hotel room, I ordered a double burger and we were chatting together. “

In short: Pausini and Antonacci together. But above all Laura and Biagio together . A union that is good for music and that sees us all waiting to discover what will be born on the stage.


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