Nathalia Gaviria behind the costumes of the video

Nathalia Gaviria is the fashion designer who has chosen the clothes of J Balvin’s new videoclip. Here’s what he told Billboard

After debuting in the top 10 of the Hot Latin Songs and reaching 72 million views on YouTube in a month, it is not surprising that J Balvin’s Machika with Anitta and Jeon is hot. From the catchy rhythm of the song to the futuristic theme of the world represented in the video, his creativity increases, particularly when it comes to fashion in the visual of three and a half minutes.

J Balvin’s Machika with Anitta and Jeon



The woman behind the fantastic clothes of Machika ‘s video is the Colombian designer Nathalia Gaviria ,



whose work has often been associated with names such as Paris Hilton, Cara Delevingne or Diddy. However, his talent was not sufficiently noticed until the publication of Machika, with his beautiful costumes.

The video, which was inspired by the film Mad Max , takes place in Machika – an imaginary dystopian city of the future created by the reggaeton singer himself. Despite having only two and a half weeks to create the video wardrobe, Gaviria designed 20 musical video looks, including J Balvin’s, Anitta’s and Jeon’s flashy outfits. Their looks represent three specific tribes in this futuristic world: underground, jungle and desert that are represented respectively by Jeon, Anita and J Balvin.




Given these details as guidelines to follow, Nathalia Gaviria then created iconic looks : the gray, black and neutral dresses of Jeon that perfectly represent the linearity and simplicity of the underground tribe, the marvelous green and metallic costumes of Anitta that show the his strength and his sex appeal like the queen, and J Balvin’s looks that were opposite: conventional at first, then extremely bold with a green poncho accompanied by a wolf’s head. “That’s one of my favorites,” he said at the time of creation.

What makes working on this music video so special for Gaviria is not only the projects, but also the opportunity to show them through a Latin artist. “You know, I never would have thought, a result like this was not even in my expectations,” he told Billboard. “All of this is simply incredible. I am so happy and so amazed. What makes me so proud is the fact that he too is Colombian, he is a Latin. It comes from my country. See what’s happening. 72 million views are so many ».

Her hard work and creativity have opened many doors: she was invited (for the first time) to show one of her two lines ” NG: GOLD ” at the New York Fashion Week on Sunday 11 February.

Grateful for the feedback that came to her, Gaviria could not believe the feedback she received . “Most people did not know me and I had a great response from them, so it was very, very nice,” he said. “There are no words to explain. From the moment they started putting clothes … everyone told me they loved it, which was one of their favorite collections and they were happy. It was exciting: things like these make me really proud.