10 Best Funko Pop Early Black Friday Deals at Amazon

There are many great options for fandom collectibles, but Funko Pops! are among the best. They’re fun, mostly affordable, and make it easy for fans to show off their favorite pop culture characters. Best of all, many Pops! are currently on sale during Amazon Early Black Friday Deals.

Amazon makes it easy to find collectibles for personal use or holiday gifts, and right now there are great discounts. From Disney to horror, from Marvel to music, there’s something for everyone. As a bonus, many come with 1-day shipping for Amazon Premier members, allowing for quick shopping. High Quality Funko Pops! are currently available at Stocking Stuffer prices, so jump on the sales before they return to their regular retail prices.


mandy longnose sucker

List price: $11.99

Offer price: $5.49 (54% off)

Red Miller Funk Pop on Amazon

Horror fans and Nicolas Cage fans can all celebrate with this sale on the Red Miller Pop! of mandy. Red Miller was a manifestation of revenge in film and the Pop! shows it in all its violent and bloody glory. It’s a great option for horror fans looking to add something less traditional to their collections, and at this price, it’s hard to resist.

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As one reviewer said, “Another bloody good one from Funko… It’s messy and it’s fun! Great posing, great facial expression, and very detailed throughout. A must to complete the set with Mandy .”

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Warrior barley from now on

List price: $12.99

Offer price: $4.49 (65% off)

Warrior Barley Funko Pop on Amazon

Pixar Ahead might not be as popular as Encanto, but it has a lot to love, from its explorations of grief and family to its fun taking on role-playing and magic. For those who liked the film, this Warrior Barley Pop! is a must. This design shows his true character, which is perfect for fans who relate to the fantasy roleplaying elf.

One satisfied reviewer shared, “Loved the movie Onward so getting this FP was amazing because it’s perfect for his DND outfit but also bigger than most FPs with all the detail! A perfect addition to the collection!!!”

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Wonder Woman (ultra mod secret agent)

List price: $11.99

Offer price: $4.99 (58% off)

Wonder Woman (Ultra Mod Secret Agent) Funk Pop on Amazon

Wonder Woman’s traditional costume is iconic, but this design nods to the 1960s and 1970s when Diana went down some strange paths. The Wonder Woman (Ultra Mod Secret Agent) Pop! was released in 2021 as part of Wonder Woman’s 80th anniversary celebrations. Although the character designs were mocked in her day, it’s a period in Wonder Woman’s comic book history that longtime fans look back on fondly.

Although there were some issues with damaged boxes during shipping, the Pop! itself is a great addition to a DC Comics collection. As one reviewer described it, the Ultra Mod Pop! is “Ideal for the collector”.

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Marvel: Avengers Victory Shawarma Series

List Price: $29.99

Offer price: $12.49 (58% off)

Marvel: Avengers Victory Shawarma Series at Amazon
  • All six Avengers are available, but prices vary per piece. The prices listed above are for the Tony Stark figure.

The end credits scene in The Avengers was a prime example of improv and running, as Robert Downey Jr.’s famous shawarma line led to a fun time when the Avengers hang out together outside of work. The Avengers Victory Shawarma Series includes six Pops! that fit together to recreate this iconic scene. Currently, five of the six (excluding the Black Widow figure) are refreshed.

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Fans can buy one or buy them all for a fun addition to any Marvel collection. A reviewer shared his thoughts saying, “Love this set capturing one of my favorite scenes from the Avengers series! Funko Pop continues to come up with creative and fun sets!”

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List price: $11.99

Offer price: $6.99 (42% off)

Metallic Charmander Funk Pop on Amazon

Pokemon fans love Charmander, both as a starter Pokemon in video games and as a first acquisition for Ash in the anime. Because of this, the Metallic Charmander Pop! is a great addition to any collection, while having the potential to be worth more in the future. The Pop! is silver in honor of the franchise’s 25th anniversary, giving it extra meaning for any devoted Pokemon fan.

While some buyers have had damaged or missing 25th Anniversary decals, the discounted price makes the figure more than worthwhile on its own. As one reviewer described, “This is a beautiful figurine that looks great on a shelf or in a more ‘grown-up’ room. Overall, I would recommend this product to others.”

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Mandalorian Heavy Infantry

List price: $11.99

Offer price: $5.68 (53% off)

Star Wars - Heavy Infantry Mandalorian Funko Pop on Amazon

There are a lot of great Pops! for star wars and The Mandalorian, but the discounts on that figure make it the kind of deal collectors should skip. The Mandalorian Heavy Infantry Pop! is in full combat armor with his weapon ready, making him a good choice for collections showcasing the various types of armor in the star wars universe.

Critics rave about this edit, with one applauding its detail: “An incredibly cool, highly detailed POP that Mando fans might want to pick up (’cause it’s John Favreau in that armor !) Filled with detail and different paint colors…this POP even has the Mythosaurus on the shoulder, the whole backpack is detailed – it’s just COOL.”

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armored samurai jack

List price: $11.99

Offer price: $5.02 (58% off)

Samurai Jack Funko Pop on Amazon

For those who love samurai jackthere is no better addition to a fan collection than the Samurai Jack – Armored Jack Pop!– especially since there is a 1 in 6 chance of obtaining the pursuit version. For super fans, there are also discounted Pops! for Ashi, Da Samurai and the High Priestess (prices vary).

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A satisfied reviewer explained, “It’s really well painted and detailed to the extent of the animation. Really giveaway too.” Whether as part of a collection or on its own, this Pop! is a solid choice for holiday gifts or personal purchases.

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Boyz II Men — Nathan Morris

List price: $11.99

Offer price: $3.49 (71% off)

Nathan Morris Funko Pop on Amazon

The Pop! The Rocks line offers music lovers their favorite artists and bands, and 90s kids will love the boy band options. The Boyz II Men Nathan Morris Pop! is a great opportunity to show a little love for a longtime celebrity. The complete set includes Nathan Morris, Shawn Stockman and Wanya Morris, all in matching jackets with a rose and a microphone.

One reviewer shared, “I bought all three band members and my opinion goes for all of them. It’s such a brilliant track! It sounds amazing and brings back amazing musical memories from the R&B era. 90’s.”

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zombie bet

List price: $12.99

Offer price: $5.99 (54% off)

Zombie Gambit Funko Pop on Amazon

It’s not nice to keep the fandom going, but it Zombie Gambit Pop! is truly for the true Marvel fan. The Marvel Zombies The series was released in 2005, and between the original series and its many spinoffs, most of the Marvel Universe became zombies, including fan-favorite Gambit. This pop! is perfect for the fan who devoured every run of Marvel Zombies.

One happy reviewer shared his experience gifting this Pop!, explaining, “I got it for my dad who is a huge gambit fan AND loves Marvel zombies, so you know it was a no-brainer to gift him. , he loves it. Arrived quickly and safe.”

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Funkoverse Strategy Game: Marvel 4-Pack

List price: $39.99

Offer price: $11.99 (70% off)

Funkoverse Strategy Game on Amazon

While regular Funk Pop figures are great, it’s even better when they can bring their amazing franchises to life. This is exactly what the Funkoverse Strategy Game done, as the characters (Marvel characters, in this case) compete in one of four different challenges, using their abilities from the movies. Games can also be combined, allowing for exciting clashes between franchises.

As one reviewer described, “It’s a fun family game that creates in-person interaction and doesn’t require the internet! The game board is well-designed with beautiful pieces (four popular characters) that are compatible with other Funkoverses. Absolutely recommended to all fans!”

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