5 Ways To Market Your Business For Free (While Using Your Strengths)



I didn’t have a budget for staff – let alone for marketing – when I started my law firm. My method of attracting clients was to accept any client that I could confidently serve with my legal expertise. I used the “whatever sticks to the wall” method of marketing, which was hopeless and time consuming (imagine me lining up text boxes on Canva for hours).

Based on my failures and successes, I have found that I am the most consistent at marketing in a way that I feel is aligned with my strengths. Specifically, I enjoy speaking and presenting in public, which has led me to market using these strengths. Others are good at writing, love being in front of a camera or distilling complex information. Identify your strengths and use them!

As my business has grown, I have streamlined my marketing. Here are five ways to market your business, based on your strengths, for free (or with a minor investment).

  1. Podcasting

If presenting is your passion, or you have a knack for chatting, consider recording podcasts to share your knowledge. I don’t want to produce, host, and edit a podcast, so I prefer to be a guest speaker. Connect with podcasts and present them to talk about your legal topic. I have created a one-pager that allows me to present various podcasts, and it has successfully helped me book podcasts such as Lawyerist and Maximum Lawyer. This year I have spoken on over 20 podcasts. If you don’t have the network or the confidence to start podcasts, don’t let that stop you. Creating your own podcast is a great way to connect with your ideal customers.

2. Youtube

For those who want to see their face in the lights, YouTube is a great way to start sharing your knowledge on the subject for free. If you have a smartphone with a camera, you’re already halfway there! Next, create a YouTube channel. You can find instructions on how to do this here. Then start recording two to five minute videos to answer questions people may have about your area of ​​law. When I launched my YouTube channel, I used Keywords Everywhere to find out what people were looking for in estate planning. I have recorded videos based on these questions. (Please subscribe and ‘mash the Like button’ to get my channel to 100+ subscribers!) Video is a great way to market yourself and offers a low barrier to entry if you’re not too embarrassed in front of a camera.

3. Blogging

If you enjoy writing, consider starting a blog to discuss legal issues your firm can help you with. The old Googler loves consistent and fresh SEO content to educate the public. Again, use Keywords Everywhere or a similar app to find out what people are looking for in your area of ​​practice. The key to blogging is to be consistent, which leads to higher rankings on Google and other platforms and is a great way to build your reputation and practice.


Another easy way to build your reputation is to have a customer tracking system – think Google, Yelp, and Facebook reviews – once you’re done. It’s simple to set up these business review pages at no cost. Asking (and following up) has led to many client success stories that allow others interested in hiring me for estate planning to see what I’m doing and learn more about it. my customer experience. Ask away!

5. Social media

When you do social media marketing, don’t choose all platforms to deliver your content. First, start with the one you like to use. For me, it’s Instagram. I also share content on LinkedIn and Facebook. Be consistent, answer questions without hiding the bullet, inspire and share personal stories and trivia so potential clients can relate to you and your law firm. While your goal is to sell, customers are smarter these days and want more than rash, cookie-cutter advertising.

Knowing where your prospects are coming from is imperative to knowing where to spend more time and energy on marketing. As a solo or small business owner, your time is tight. At first you can spend energy generating content with no noticeable response, but over time and with consistency you will see where the traffic is coming from and focus on the opportunities to build a business from those. canals. Finally, you can ask a staff member or a company to help you with your marketing efforts. It may seem like a pipe dream to some of you, but it is a reality that could happen when you deliberately talk to your ideal clients and provide them with the answers they want.

I would love to hear your constructive comments or questions at [email protected] I’m always looking for topic suggestions! Did I mention that I signed up with a literary agent for my next estate planning book? You can read everything about this subject here.

Iffy Ibekwe is the lead lawyer and founder of Ibekwe Law, SARL. She is an evangelical lawyer in estate planning for intergenerational wealth transfer with effective wills and trusts. Iffy is writing her first book on culturally competent estate planning, available in 2022 (prayers!). She graduated from the University of Texas Law School and has practiced law for over 14 years. Iffy can be contacted by email at [email protected], at his website, and on Instagram @thejustincaselawyer.


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