Aldi just scored a spot on Fortune’s Best Workplaces list

On the Fortune list of the 20 best retail places to work for 2022, Aldi came in at No. 16. further investigation results showed that 79% of Aldi employees who took the survey rated it as a great place to work overall. 88% of survey respondents agreed with the statement: “When you join the company, you feel welcome”, and 87% agreed with “I am treated like a full member here, whatever my position” in reference to their experience working for Aldi.

According to Fortune, “57% of employees at a typical American company” rate their workplace as a great place to work, so Aldi definitely stands out. Some opinions on the job site In effect may shed some light on why this is the case. A reviewer wrote that the benefits are good and the company promoted the worker within a year. Others cited the team atmosphere or gave Aldi high marks for employee compensation. However, not all reviews were overwhelmingly positive, as some shared that the work can be physically demanding and the pace of work can be hard to keep up with.

It remains to be seen whether Aldi will retain its place in this ranking in the following years. But so far, the results suggest Aldi is taking the right steps to keep many employees happy.

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