Amazon sells live succulents for around $1 each

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Succulents have grown in popularity over the past few years. Not only do they look great, but some of the hundreds of varieties are also perfect indoor plants for beginners. Their unique water-storage tissues allow them to thrive in dry climates with warm temperatures. They adapt well to life both inside and outside the home, which is probably why these plants have become such a hit.

Currently, you can get an assortment of 64 potted succulents for sale from Altman Plants for nearly $1 each on Amazon! The much-loved collection is down 19%, bringing the set to around $68.


With a product mix of a selection of Aeonium, Aloe plants, Crassula, Echeveria, Kalanchoe, Sedum varieties and more, a single purchase could outfit your entire home with plants, or you could create a flourishing garden or arrange them in pots along your porch or patio. These versatile plants work well in terrarium planters, as wall decoration, or lined up along a windowsill.

This pack of 64 succulents for sale would also make economical and eco-friendly gifts for baby or bridal showers or wedding favors. These will develop either succulent soil or cactus soil.


Although purchased through Amazon, the company it is sold by is a small business and offers a healthy arrival guarantee, which means that each mini plant will arrive healthy and fully rooted in the ground. They are shipped dry to keep the plants rot-proof. Once you plant them in moderately to brightly lit spaces, you can water the soil. Then water only when the soil feels dry to the touch.

Customers have found this batch easy to grow, great value and very gift giving. We love the way a women used the succulents as centerpieces for a memorial luncheon, then gave guests bags to take home.

Critic Audrey S. loved how these were shipped.

“I was nervous about buying Fragile Succulents online, but this was a home run!” she wrote. “The box was very well wrapped and the shredded paper on the succulents protected them well. The plants looked great when I took all the paper out of the box. I repotted them in 2′ terracotta pots and these will be great gifts for an upcoming event.


Another one the person echoed that enthusiasm, saying they were their “most positive surprise ever bought on Amazon.”

“I was incredibly surprised at the size of several succulents,” the reviewer wrote. “They all arrived incredibly healthy. There were only two small pieces that broke off as they were packaged very well. I was very impressed and will be buying them again!”

If you brought these succulents for sale at home, how would you use them? Would you keep them for yourself or give them away at an event?

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