Assam MP failed class 12 exam, RTI request reveals


All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) MP for Sonai constituency in Assam, Karimuddin Barbhuiyan, is being scanned for allegedly falsifying his diploma, HT has learned.

In his affidavit submitted to the Election Commission of India ahead of this year’s parliamentary elections, Barbhuiyan claimed that he graduated from Choudhury Charan Singh University in Meerut in 2019. In the 2016 elections, he claimed to have passed the upper secondary examination in 1987 and obtained an engineering diploma in 1990.

In response to a question from RTI, the Assam Upper Secondary Education Council (AHSEC) revealed that Karimuddin Barbhuiyan sat for the 12th grade exam in 1987 but failed. A case has already been filed against Barbhuiyan in the Gauhati High Court and the court will hear the case on August 4.

Barbhuiya won the Assembly election this year in Sonai constituency of Cachar district under the AIUDF banner. He also contested the same constituency in 2016, but was beaten by Aminul Haque Laskar of the BJP. In 2016, when submitting the application, he revealed that he passed the upper secondary examination in 1987 and obtained an engineering degree in 1990. But this year the details of his graduate studies have changed and he said he graduated from Choudhury Charan Singh University. , Meerut, in 2019.

Supporters of former BJP MP and former Assam Assembly Deputy Speaker Aminul Haque Laskar have filed several RTIs regarding Barbhuiyan’s education degree. In response to two consecutive RTIs regarding his upper secondary education, it was revealed that Barbhuiya did not pass the Class 12 exam in 1987.

He was enrolled in Guru Charan College in Silchar for appearing for the exam. An RTI was filed with the college and the college authority replied that it did not have Karimuddin Barbhuiyan’s records except for his registration number. Using the roll number, another RTI was filed with the Assam Upper Secondary Education Council (AHSEC), and in response, the council stated that according to the records available to the Council, Karimuddin Barbhuiyan failed that year.

Aminul Haque Laskar joined the Election Commission of India ahead of this year’s parliamentary elections, but the ECI did not pay much attention to it. Karimuddin Barbhuiyan was cleared to compete and defeated Aminul Haque Laskar after securing over 70,000 votes. Later, Aminul went to the High Court in Gauhati and filed a lawsuit against Karimuddin Barbhuiyan for falsifying documents. The court asked Aminul and Karimuddin to appear for a hearing on August 4.

Aminul Haque said: “In his affidavit, Karimuddin Barbhuiyan revealed that he graduated in 2019 from Choudhury Charan Singh University. But in response to an ITR, the university said that Karimuddin Barbhuiya’s name was not among the students who graduated in 2019. In fact, he mentioned that he had completed his degree in fashion. distance education, but the university does not have distance education. establishment. Likewise, his engineering degree is a fake because the institute from which he came does not exist. Now the Assam Upper Secondary Education Council says he never passed the 12th grade exam. So how can he become a graduate?

Aminul Haque called for Barbhuiyan’s resignation. He said: “The Assembly of Assam is a holy place where legends like Gopinath Bardoloi have worked. There were highly educated MPs and there were also less educated MPs. But there has never been a person who falsified their diploma. Karimuddin Barbhuiyan insulted the state assembly. In the past, strict measures have been taken against MPs from Manipur and other states for similar activities. I think Karimuddin Barbhuiyan should resign himself to accepting his crime before the Gauhati High Court acts.

Karimuddin Barbhuiya, however, did not try to defend himself and said he would prove his point in court. Speaking to the Hindustan Times, he said: “Former Vice President Aminul Haque Laskar is trying to defame me because I beat him in the election. He’s done it in the past and I’m not surprised he’s doing it again. The case is before the court and I will present all the documents on the day of the hearing. I believe in the court and I am sure that justice will be done ”,

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