Assessment of UP Board papers: candidates get full marks for out-of-course questions

2022 UP Board high school and intermediate candidates can expect to get extra bonus points, courtesy errors, or questions asked on exams from the 30% curricula reduced this time around due to the pandemic.

“Noting the slip-ups, UP Board has asked the Chief Examiners and Examiners busy evaluating the UP Board-2022 Secondary and Intermediate Exam answer sheets to award equal marks to all candidates for all of these questions. asked outside the curriculum in a dozen Class 12 subjects and seven core Class 10 subjects,” said UP Board officials familiar with the development.

The assessment of more than 2.25 crores of answer sheets from 47,75,749 students, which began at 271 assessment centers across the state on April 23, will end on May 5. Detailed six-page “Special Instructions” have been sent to the Deputy Chief Examiners and Examiners by UP Board Secretary Divyakant Shukla, detailing the subject-specific instructions they must adhere to when conducting the examination. assessment of answer sheets.

The instructions clearly state that in the Intermediate Hindi 301DL paper code, a 1-point multiple-choice question had three correct options instead of just one. Similarly, in the 302DP paper code of the Hindi general of intermediary, in the question carrying a weight of 5 points, the story of “Dhruvtara” was printed instead of “Dhruvyatra”.

For this, all students will get the grades. In code number 302DR of the same quiz, the 5-point questions were from outside the approved course and therefore all students who passed that quiz would receive its marks.

The case of the paper code 329FP of intermediate mathematics in which questions of 10 points are not different, the paper code 324FF in which questions of 7 points, the paper code 324FH in which questions of 3 points, the paper code 324FI in which questions of 5 marks and paper code 324ZB in which questions of 4 points were asked out of program.

Similarly, in the Intermediate Sanskrit question paper having the paper code 303DW in which 16 point questions, in the 303DY paper code in which 3 point questions, the 303DZ paper code in which the 1 point question, the code paper 303EA and 303EB, in which the questions of 5 of the notes were asked outside the program. In each of them, all students will receive full marks.

Similarly, the test code 329FP of the intermediate economics test in which questions of 10 points, the test of intermediate technical art questions code 336 in which the questions of 16 points, in the test in intermediate chemistry code 247GL in which the 6-point questions and in the test code 347GM in which 3-point questions were asked outside the syllabus, students would get full bonus points.

In intermediate biology, paper code 348GT in which questions of 12.5 points, in paper code 348GS in which questions of 5 points, in 348GU in which questions of 4 points, in 348GR in which questions of 2 points, in 348GQ questions of 2 points and in the paper test code 348 GB question 1 point will be awarded to all students.

Students of Intermediate Accounting (new course) paper code 349 will get 17 points, business studies (new course) paper code 350 will get 25 points while business organization and letter writing code 622 will get 12 bonus points for the same patterns.

Interesting case

The most interesting case is that of the intermediate history paper. In this, students who have obtained the paper code 321EP will receive 44 points out of 100 as a bonus. That is, if a candidate left the entire answer sheet blank, even then they will pass. Those with paper code 321EL will get 5 points, 321EM will get 2 points, 321EN will get 5 points, and 321EK will get 10 points.

Similarly, Intermediate Civics students who scored paper code 323FD will get 34 points, 323EY will get 15 points, 323FC will get 9 points, and those in Intermediate Geography paper code 322ET will get 6 bonus points.

Bonus points for Class 10 applicants too

Secondary students of Sanskrit paper code 818AS will get 33 points, paper code 818AR will get 10 points, 818AQ will get 8 points, 818AP will get 3 points, 818AT will get 2 points, 818AU will get four points. Class 10 applicants who got math paper code 822AX will get 2 points, 822AY 822 BA will get 4 points, even class 10 home science paper code 823BC will get 6 points and 823BD will get 6 bonus points . In Hindi class 10 paper code 801AD will get 2 points, class 10 science paper code 823BJ will get 1 point, class 10 social science paper code 825BY will get 9 points, 825CA will get 6 points, 825CD will get 4 points and class 10 computer paper code 836 will get 10 bonus points.


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