Australian Covid News Update Live: NSW Records 1,007 New Cases, Victoria Infections Worst Since Beginning Of Pandemic; police arrest protesters on St Kilda beach | Australia News


Many peer countries face similar challenges. It was never a game and forget it. When we released the Burnet Institute Roadmap and Modeling last week it was always on the basis that we would continue to examine where the cases were.

The number of cases today is a record and I suspect that in the days and weeks to come it will continue to grow because the modeling we released last week by the Burnett Institute indicated that cases continued to increase until around mid-October, then peak, then, as the next steps in the roadmap are introduced and people start to move, as things open up, the potential for further increases.

This is why putting the first doses of protection in the arms of the greatest number is essential … The guardrail, for lack of a better expression, we have always put in place, it is to the detriment of people hospitalized and we must ensure that the support of our already exhausted and tired paramedics, emergency workers, hospital workers, intensive care workers, clinicians [is there], that they are being supported to help us get through this until the vaccine limits the numbers.

It’s a real challenge and it will be a challenge in NSW as they presumably open first. It will be a challenge in Victoria. And it is a challenge all over the world.

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