Bears HC Matt Nagy slammed for handing over Andy Dalton’s assessment


With two preseason games on the books, it’s clear to the naked eye that rookie Justin Fields played better than anointed starter Andy Dalton. While there are plenty of offensive concerns, the Bears have looked more effective with Fields under center, and he has the tools to counter some of the offensive gaps and breathe life into Matt Nagy’s lackluster offense.

But, as we know after three years, Nagy is about as stubborn as they come. So when Nagy reiterated that Dalton would be the Week 1 starter, it wasn’t much of a surprise. But that was certainly not the right answer.

It wasn’t just Nagy’s refusal to even consider Fields, it was the reasoning behind why he thinks Dalton is the best option at this point.

“We have to see it in the regular season,” Nagy told reporters after Saturday’s 41-15 loss to the Bills.

And Nagy has received a lot of criticism for his comments.

Former Chiefs right tackle Mitchell Schwartz had harsh words for his former offensive coordinator about Nagy’s reasoning for needing to assess Dalton in the regular season.

“If you can’t assess them after a month of camp, 3 preseason games and a few more weeks of training, then I don’t know what to tell you. This tells his team that any camp “competition” was pointless and that their preconceived depth chart is what they’ll stick to, not merit.

It’s certainly possible that Nagy would play the cautious angle with Fields and not want to throw it to the dogs during Sunday Night Football, especially with major concerns on the offensive line.

And while Schwartz acknowledges the possibility, he disputes the way Nagy goes about it.

“And it doesn’t matter if that’s the point. But the way he does it needs to be corrected. It’s a completely blunt one: “We have to see it in the regular season. Don’t say stuff like that. The implication is that you can’t spot him correctly throughout a training camp, which is ridiculous.

While Schwartz remains a free agent, it doesn’t look like he would be interested in signing with the Bears given his disagreement over how Nagy is handling things.

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