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Burt Rutan, the visionary engineering genius who revolutionized the design, manufacture and performance of aircraft and spacecraft, has come out of retirement to publish what he did for flight – reinvent it and reinvent it .

In a press release emailed to Aerotech News, Rutan included links to what he calls BRAB, Burt Rutan’s autobiography.

Breaking the limiting barriers of print and binding, BRAB is a digitally unrestrained, searchable and interactive multimedia record of the human experience, memories, work, opinions and relationships of an extraordinarily gifted man. And it welcomes feedback from website visitors.

The plan is to release this living document in sections over several years. Rutan explains in his announcement that initially BRAB will be released in sections over several years, free to download with distribution restrictions.

As envisioned in Rutan’s introduction, BRAB would offer the information resources of a traditional brick-and-mortar library, but with universal access and without requiring construction costs. Given Burt Rutan’s professional accomplishments and universal recognition, a comprehensive picture of his life and times would likely rival the size and scope of a presidential library. Five of his designs are, after all, on permanent display at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum.

Burt thought that a website focused on correcting inaccurate or misleading information would be helpful to those researching his business. In compiling and revising the material online, Burt also wanted to share stories that were fun to read – all free to download for an online adventure.

The table of contents divides the autobiography into nine sections incorporating 86 chapters. The first three sections present the chronological history from childhood to Air Force flight testing and the homebuilt era from 1968 to 2005. Section four covers the Scaled Composites years from 1981 to its retirement in 2011. Section five is dedicated to leadership lessons learned. Six includes four chapters on dating and relationships with famous people.

In Chapter Seven, Burt opens up the personal side with stories of significant life experiences, including “Five Romantic Relationships” and the intriguing “Russian Wing Project – Arrested in Moscow.”

Section eight is a revealing introspective on “The Big Questions,” beginning with “What have I accomplished? And Section Nine examines “hundreds of preliminary designs that never flew,” as well as the ever-emotional roses, bricks, and last words on media coverage.

BRAB already has over 100 links to major news articles and video interviews and reports.

Burt explains, “My son, Jeff, is working on a professional web app that will give readers a much better way to browse BRAB on any device and see what’s posted and what will be posted in the future. “

This web application will be published on burtrutan.com when completed.

Burt goes on to say, “When will BRAB be over? I think it will take about a year to publish all 86 chapters… So maybe I can finally retire. In fact, BRAB will not have a finish line since we plan to always keep updating it.

The table of contents is at:


This version includes 6 of the 86 chapters and documents that describe the content of all nine sections. Readers can access the 16 documents of the first version on


There are no restrictions on the distribution of BRAB information, which can be used and published at any time, without permission to publish. And Rutan says no fees or charges are asked.

He says: “The next chapter to be published will be Chapter 35, about my Legacy-Milestone – the first (and still the only) manned space program that was carried out without any government assistance or funding.

“Furthermore, we encourage you to provide us with your feedback to help us improve BRAB. If you see any errors or would like to suggest additions or deletions, simply hit the [email protected] link to send a email with your comments.

Although officially retired, Rutan suggests in his announcement: “In fact, I hope to develop at least one more manned research aircraft first, to bring the total up to the nice round number of 50.”

Meanwhile, he says he’s “Lookin up…Way up.”

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