Calls to review Greyhound Racing in Wales

(Photo credit: Peter Adams/Getty Images)

A local politician in Wales has made calls for the Welsh Government to reconsider doggy style races, Wales reports 247.

The Welsh Government does not currently regulate greyhound racing. By contrast, in neighboring England the tracks are subject to the Welfare of Racing Greyhounds Regulations 2010. Not only that, but the Greyhound Council of Great Britain (GBGB) also follows them.

Ban greyhound racing altogether?

Consequently, Philippa Leonard, Cabinet Member for Planning and Public Protection in the County Borough of Caerphilly, wrote a letter to the Welsh Government urging them to review dog racing.

“I share the concerns expressed by animal welfare charities for greyhound racing throughout their lives, including at the end of their racing careers,” Cllr Leonard says in the letter. “The available data on injuries and deaths of Greyhounds is quite shocking and I don’t think animals should be exploited and harmed in this way and simply for entertainment.

“In calling for a review by the Welsh Government of the legislative position in Wales, I would ask that consideration be given to a complete ban on greyhound racing and I personally believe that, rather than the introduction of a framework regulation, is the only way to guarantee the well-being of animals throughout their lives. With just one track in Wales, it should be possible to phase out this activity in a relatively short time.

One track left

There is currently only one dog racing track in Wales: the Valley Greyhound Stadium. It is located in the town of Ystrad Mynach, which is part of the county borough of Caerphilly.

A number of English-speaking countries around the world practice greyhound racing, particularly popular in Ireland. Meanwhile, Australia and New Zealand are among the other countries with dog racing. In the USAstate or local governs dog racing, rather than federal law.

Other countries with Greyhound tracks include Mexico and Vietnam. The two countries each have a track.

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