CHS orders medical examination of zoo elephants by German expert


KARACHI: The Sindh High Court on Tuesday ordered the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) to have the four elephants in Karachi Zoological Garden and Safari Park examined by famous German veterinarian Frank Goritz.

The instructions came from a bench of two judges led by Judge Irfan Saaddat Khan during the hearing of a petition regarding the poor keeping of elephants at the Karachi Zoo and Safari Park.

When the petition was seized for hearing, KMC’s lawyer argued for dismissal as it was against the national interest.

Abbas Laghari, counsel for the petitioner, argued that the petition was intended to draw the attention of the courts to the deteriorating health of the elephants and that it contained nothing against the national interest.

The applicant’s lawyer asked the court to have the elephants examined by a foreign veterinarian.

The KMC, which on the last date of the hearing had offered a medical examination of the elephants by a foreign veterinarian, however opposed the request. He maintained that the elephants were healthy.

In this regard, Judge Irfan observed that the behavior of KMC’s lawyer showed that the elephants were not in good health.

KMC’s lawyer argued that keeping elephants at the zoo is perfectly legal and that they are being properly taken care of.

He argued that the Karachi Zoological Garden and Safari Park have been keeping elephants for decades and that there have never been any complaints about their health.

Two elephants died at Karachi Zoo after reaching the age of over sixty when an elephant lived normally for 50 years, KMC lawyer said and added KMC was ready to have four elephants examined by renowned German veterinarian Frank Goritz at his own expense.

However, the judiciary observed that lawsuits would be brought for a medical examination of the elephants by Dr Frank Goritz and that his expenses would be shared equally between the KMC and the petitioner. The court postponed the continuation of the hearing of the motion until September 28.

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