CHSE +2 exam model change sparks mixed reactions among Odisha students



Amid the Covid-19 pandemic and the uncertainty surrounding board exams over the past two years, the Council for Upper Secondary Education (CHSE) has changed the way it conducts the exam Plus 2 to Odisha by introducing a major redesign of the model.

The council’s decision drew mixed reactions among students in the state.

The state government has plans to hold board exams in both first and second year and to introduce internal testing for students. The CHSE has decided to introduce a system of internal examinations for first and second year students. The board will monitor exams and tests to ensure transparency.

The college authorities will have to upload the students’ notes on the CHSE website. A database on student performance will also be maintained.

These initiatives will help the Council assess students and publish their results even if their exams could not be completed in the future due to a pandemic-like situation.

“The government has decided to introduce an evaluation system twice a year. If a pandemic-like situation arises in the future, we will not have any problem in evaluating student performance and publishing their results. This is a very good initiative taken by the government, ”said Tusharkanti Tripathy, vice president of CHSE.

While some students were fully in favor of the move, many others expressed doubts about the successful implementation of the new model.

“It will be a great satisfaction for the students if the assessment is carried out on the basis of the results of the Plus 2 internal examinations rather than on the 10th class marks in the event of a pandemic-type situation. This is a very good initiative from CHSE, ”said Bijaylaxmi Biswal, a student from Plus 2.

However, Digbijay Ghosh, who is also another student of Plus 2, estimated that private college students will get a lot more benefits because of the new exam model.

“Private college students will receive higher internal exam scores from their teachers and they will be in an advantageous position than government college students. The government should ensure that no college is taking undue advantage of internal reviews because of the new model, ”Ghosh said.

However, most academics approved of the model change.

“The last time around, the government was forced to assess the performance of Plus 2 students on the basis of their enrollment results because it was powerless due to the unprecedented situation resulting from the pandemic. But, based on the new exam model, the government will be in a better position to judge the performance of students who will be evaluated on the basis of their internal exam results, ”said Suresh Chandra Mishra, an educator.

“Although CHSE has been considering holding two annual board reviews for Plus 2 students for a few years, this has yet to materialize. Due to the board’s lack of vision, the performance of Plus 2 students has were evaluated on the basis of their 10th class performance this year given the pandemic. Against this background, a serious question mark was raised as to the successful implementation of the new exam model during the current academic year, ”he said.


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