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Ava Du Vernay she said and Colin Kaepernick had a similar story in mind when it came time to create the Netflix black and white limited series Colin.

“It wasn’t just [a] story that pleases[ed] for me it was a story that also appealed to Colin Kaepernick and the things we wanted to say about his youth, ”DuVernay told ABC Audio.

Serving as both co-creator and director, DuVernay says the six-episode journey allows viewers to see “how someone’s youth really adds to who they are today.”

“And it’s worth considering,” she said. “It’s worth thinking: Where am I from? And how do I get these thoughts in my head? And do I still believe in these things? Or is it just a habit? ‘… And all these questions that we put into the play.

While the Kaepernick-centric series primarily focuses on Colin’s young adulthood years after being adopted into a white family, DuVernay says the drama also features an experimental “new form” of storytelling that includes elements of animation, live action and social commentary.

“I think some people think it’s a documentary, it isn’t,” she said. “Some people think it’s just kind of a celebrity childhood biopic. It’s not that either. And so discovering a new form for it was really difficult, but fun.

During this time, Jaden Michel, who plays a young Kaepernick, thanks DuVernay for consistently creating opportunities for people of color to tell these important stories.

“I think over time… we’ll have richer, more nuanced conversations,” he says. “And I think Colin in black and white is a great way to start this conversation on, ‘Let’s change it up a bit. “”

Colin in Black and White is released on Netflix Friday.

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