Competency assessment ordered for man accused of impersonating parent at Greene Co.

A jurisdictional hearing has been ordered for the man who police say posed as a parent at a Greene County school, with intent to kidnap a child.

Reid Duran, 35, of Fairborn, was ordered to undergo a skills assessment on Thursday, according to court records online.

Court records showed Duran’s assessment must be completed and submitted to the court by October 17.

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On Wednesday, a Greene County Court of Common Pleas judge denied Duran bail, ruling that he should remain in custody until his trial begins.

“The Court has considered the factors set out…and finds with clear and compelling evidence that Duran poses a substantial risk of serious bodily harm to the community and that there are no conditions of release that will reasonably ensure safety. of the community,” Buckwalter said in the decision, released Wednesday afternoon.

“Therefore, for demonstrated good cause, it is the order of the Court that the State’s motion to deny bail, filed on September 1, 2022, is granted. It is further the order of this Court that bail is denied in the above legend case,” Buckwalter said.

Duran was indicted by a Greene County grand jury on one count of attempted kidnapping, felony assault and escape last week. The charges stemmed from an incident at St. Brigid’s School on August 22.

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On the day of the incident, school principal Terry Adkins called 911 and told dispatchers there was an intruder at the school. In a previous statement to News Center 7, Adkins described Duran’s behavior as “visibly unusual.”

When they arrived at the school, the police questioned Duran in the parking lot. After giving various reasons why he was there, police said he admitted to wanting to kidnap a child.

Duran voluntarily agreed to come to Xenia’s police division to speak with officers, but when taken to an interrogation room, he attempted to stab a Xenia officer with a pen lying on the table. Video obtained through a public records request shows Duran grabbing a pen from the table and rushing towards an officer.

After being detained and taken into custody, Duran told an officer he went to St. Brigid’s School ‘trying to find a small child for sexual favors’, according to the affidavit. .

We’ll update this story as we learn more.

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