CUET 2022: Important Tips and Tricks for Passing the Entrance Exam

The common university entrance test (CUET) is a prestigious pan-Indian examination held annually by the National Testing Agency (NTA). CUET is conducted for various undergraduate and postgraduate programs across all participating institutes of India. Applicants wishing to study in Central Universities of India are required to apply for CUET.

With CUET just around the corner, here are some tips and guidelines for candidates to get the highest possible score. If you’re showing up for CUET next year, we’ve got some extra tips for you, too.

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— Be thorough with the syllabus and exam model: This year, the revamped version of CUCET (CUET) has become the new gateway to various prestigious institutions in our country, and the exam is held on such a large scale for the first time. For applicants appearing this year, you should already be familiar with the curriculum, which is basically the Class 12 textbooks published by NCERT. Your goal should be to cover as many topics as possible for the articles you are appearing for. Candidates appearing next year have time to go through the syllabus and familiarize themselves with the exam scheme.

— Have a plan or routine: Candidates should prepare a plan on how to revise topics, chapters or topics for the upcoming exam in July. You should no longer focus on studying a new subject from the basics. Since you have already appeared for your advice, you should focus on practicing the questions and tests.

If you are not showing up this year, now would be the perfect time for you to prepare a detailed plan on how you would like to study for your counseling and CUET simultaneously. Remember that the CUET syllabus will be the same as the board exam syllabus, only the type of questions will be different. For this, you need to get used to the type of questions that will be asked on the exam. The preparation of your table will be crucial in building the fundamental concepts of your topics. Additional preparation for CUET will focus on time management, improving efficiency and closing gaps.

— Develop a preparedness strategy: Current-year candidates should focus only on solving questions, spotting weaknesses, bridging the gap between the board and the CUET program, managing their time effectively, and carefully following the exam pattern. Next year’s applicants will have the benefit of obtaining question materials, question types, and other resources once CUET takes place this year. Take the time to research the exam, then prepare a strategy on how to approach the topics.

— Use the right resources: Candidates appearing for CUET next month should note that time flies. While there’s no need to panic, your preparation will involve hardships, online crash courses, and timed mock tests. Focus on strengthening yourself in the fundamentals of your subjects, speed of thinking and time management. Candidates appearing next year can study the books, especially the NCERT books (available on NCERT website or E-pathshala website) and take the help of additional resources, like question papers and test books. reference from previous years to fully prepare for CUET.

– Practice: There is no alternative to this advice. Revise with your short notes and practice with objective questions and answers for CUET. Those who show up next year can start training with subjective tests and then slowly and steadily progress to objective tests.

– Stay informed : Candidates who have selected or will select the General Knowledge section should have a good understanding of world events. Get reliable topical books and review them regularly. You will be familiar with many events and for those that you do not know, you can write them down in a notebook. If you’re planning long-term preparation, keep up to date with newspapers, online news sources, encyclopedias, and other resources.

— Hone your quantitative and analytical skills: Those planning to take the General Section III test will need to hone their basic quantitative and analytical skills. Get a list of basic formulas from class 6 to 10 and memorize them. Practice analytical skills with tests of various exams, such as GRE, SAT, Bank, etc. The method for approaching this part would be the same for current and future candidates. These problems are best dealt with through repeated practice.

— Take care of your mental and physical health: This is the most important part of your preparation strategy. You are more important as a human being than just a number in a huge list of candidates. Any students appearing for CUET this year would have faced tremendous hardship and would likely be exhausted by now. Take a breath and remember that CUET, or any exam for that matter, is not a deal breaker. There are many ways to achieve your goals, and you’re just getting started in life. Eat healthy, sleep well, spend time with family and friends, and exercise daily. Get help from counselors or other resources if you feel mentally drained.

The author is the academic director of Extramarks Education

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