Customs is committed to applying 100% cargo examination

The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) on Monday concluded the destruction of drugs concealed in 48 containers in the Epe district of Lagos. It was even then that the Service pledged to continue to apply a 100% examination of cargoes in ports.

Speaking to reporters on Monday after the conclusion of the exercise at Epe, ACG, Enforcement, Inspection and Investigation, Usman Dankingari explained that the exercise which started last Thursday was a huge success.

According to ACG Dankingari, “Everything that has a beginning must have an end. The weather was on our side. The destruction exercise was a success.

“Compared to what we’re getting on other dumps, it’s a very good outing. You can see here the threat of scavengers is controlled unlike what we get when using other dump sites. Can’t say it’s great but it’s very good compared to what we get on other dumps.


On the advice of the Illicit Drug Importers Service, ACG Dankingari said, “As some evil elements of society won’t stop bringing illicit drugs into the country, we won’t stop confiscating them and to subject them to destruction.

“All of the 48 containers of drugs seized originated from seaports and they were intercepted by physical examination of the cargoes. This is therefore an indication that the 100% physical examination of cargoes will be maintained. This will remove any doubt once a container is suspected.

“Once importers know that suspicious shipments will be subject to 100% physical examination and that the level of compromise from our officers is minimal, they will think twice about bringing illicit drug shipments into the country. “

Recall that the destruction exercise began on Thursday when eight containers were unloaded and all their contents set on fire at the LAWMA destruction site in Epe, Lagos State.

On Monday, eight containers were unloaded and set on fire by a joint team of customs and NAFDAC officials.

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Illegal drugs: customs undertake to apply the examination to 100% of shipments

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