Essex McDonald’s “Terribles” Reviews on TripAdvsior


Fast food giant McDonald’s is still a popular destination for anyone looking for a quick and tasty bite to eat.

The chain has dozens of restaurants in Essex and is continually looking for new locations to add to its portfolio.

Whether it’s a quick breakfast before work or a bite to eat at the end of the day, McDonald’s usually has you covered.

But with thousands of people flocking to restaurants in Essex every day, not everyone has had the best experience.

Most sites in the county have between two and three stars on TripAdvisor, with a variety of reviews left.

And inevitably, some of these reviews aren’t the nicest.

In fact, some McDonald’s restaurants in Essex have received dozens of “terrible” or one star reviews.

Here’s just a look at those damning verdicts on TripAdvisor and why guests weren’t so happy:

Hadleigh Street

34 terrible reviews

One of those who left a terrible review said: ‘I have been to this restaurant a few times as it is only on the road and always regret it, should not be called a fast food restaurant as it there is nothing quick about it.

“I only go there every now and then for the kids, but whenever the order is wrong or it takes forever.”

Colchester Street

8 terrible reviews

One reviewer said, “You know it’s a good establishment when on a Friday or Saturday night you’re greeted by bouncers at the gates.

“If you like average fast food, this is the stop for you.”

Basildon Festival Leisure Park

16 terrible reviews

One reviewer said, “Every time I go to this McDonald’s, there is always something missing.

“The staff are in a bad mood, one of the staff complains that they haven’t had a break and wants to take legal action.

“My child’s happy meal is missing orange juice. Some sauces are missing for which I paid extra. Cold stone chips.

“I will never go to that McDonald’s again.”

Braintree’s galley corner

26 terrible reviews

One angry reviewer wrote: “Reputation wins and I have had several bad experiences in the past including once after paying just leaving because it was taking so long.

“But this morning I was hungry and thought about what could go wrong. Well, try everything.

“Getting into the drive and the two cars behind me that were served first was not a good start.

“I ordered a Double Bacon and Egg McMuffin meal with a cappuccino, but instead I got a Double Sausage and Egg McMuffin where the egg was burnt and dark brown, the potato was soft and cold and the cappuccino did not contain milk.

“Don’t go to that McDonald’s.”

Southend Main Street

15 horrible reviews

One reviewer said, “I have never eaten such food in my life. I was served cold, big fries which weren’t big at all and they ordered the wrong one.

“It’s not that McDonald’s cares, but I’ll never eat their garbage again. ”

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