Evaluating Eye Care and Eye Outcomes in Critically Ill Covid-19 Patients – Ekici Gok – – International Journal of Clinical Practice



The current study aimed to assess eye care needs as well as eye outcomes in patients treated in intensive care units for Covid-19 infection.

Materials and methods

A total of 93 patients, 58 men and 35 women, who were under intensive care follow-up and treatment due to COVID-19 infection between 01/01/2021 and 02/15/2021 were included in the ‘study. Detailed eye examinations of patients were performed with a portable biomicroscope and direct and indirect ophthalmoscope. Cases requiring treatment for eye diseases have been identified and treated.


The mean age of the patients was 68.32 ± 9.97 years; 35 patients were followed and treated by non-invasive mechanical ventilation and 58 patients by invasive mechanical ventilation. Mild, moderate and severe chemosis was observed in 19 patients (20.4%), 10 patients (10.8%) and 4 patients (4.3%), respectively. Conjunctivitis (8.6%) was observed in 8 patients. Corneal abrasion was present in 7 patients (7.5%). Keratitis secondary to exposure keratopathy was observed in one patient. Eye care and medical treatment have been instituted for these patients. We noted 8 patients (8.6%) with retinal hemorrhage; however, to our knowledge, these patients may present with acute retinal damage secondary to systemic diseases or have a history of retina other than infection or Covid-19 treatments.


Results of eye damage due to COVID-19 infection were detected in the present study. Retinal hemorrhages have been detected in addition to common findings in viral infections. Particularly in patients receiving mechanical ventilation, the detection and treatment of conditions requiring eye care for exposure keratopathy is very important for disease recovery and the quality of vision.

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