Examination of class X boards only answered by the current batch of class XII



The Council said that Class XII assessments performed by schools in 2021-2022 for unit tests, midterm exam, pre-exam, etc., are mostly done through the online mode. Therefore, as these scores alone may not be reliable, the components of classes X and XI are weighted.

“These reviews were not in similar settings for everyone, and (there were) variations in access to digital infrastructure. These reviews were not conducted by the board and will not respond to the objective of a standardized assessment, and may also reflect the subjectivity inherent in the school-based assessment, ”said the Board.

Therefore, to address these issues, the classroom XII school-based assessment must be supplemented with standardized exams conducted prior to the Covid-19 pandemic situation, Council policy says.


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“Additional information about the performance of the same student to get more accurate results will result in an impartial, fair, accurate and holistic assessment of students. The Class X board was the only board exam that the current group of class XII students responded to for end-of-year assessment, when conditions were normal and exams were conducted on a regular and standardized basis without any waivers. to the scheme announced by the council at the start of the academic session ”, indicates the council’s policy.

Therefore, performance on Class X board exams held for the current group of Class XII students is weighted as a measure of student ability, Goa Board said.

“As the students did not know at the time of taking their class X board exam that these marks would be taken into account for very important class XII results, some of the shortcomings can be overcome by using the marks obtained on the theory exams ( external component), the average of the three best subjects among the six to seven main subjects, for the purposes of calculating the marks, to give weight to the students by omitting the marks of the subjects in which they underperformed for certain reasons ”, the Tip mentioned.

In addition, the current batch of Class XII appeared in Class XI exams held during the 2019-2020 year in offline mode at their schools until the lockdown was declared in March 2020. The reviews were conducted on a regular basis without any deviation. of the regime decided by the Board well in advance at the start of the academic session. Therefore, Class XI marks are being considered and their weighting is 30%.

“Unlike Class X, the Class XI exam is based on the upper secondary curriculum and gives a good indication of the capacity of the students. The exams were conducted throughout the duration in the examination rooms. As a result, it has great reliability in terms of fair assessment of student performance, ”the Council said.


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