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Upgrading your entertainment space or office to include RBG lighting has become more and more accessible. However, many of the options currently available can easily become an expensive investment. While the possibility of saving a penny or two exists, it usually comes at a cost in terms of quality. The new Govee Glide wall sconce is an affordable choice and offers a ton of customizable options to its users without giving up the quality you expect.

Now, in all transparency, I didn’t know much about Govee until I tested the latest Govee Glide. While I’ve heard of the name, there are so many different brands aimed at gamers and smart home LED enthusiasts that it’s hard to keep pace. For good reason, too, LEDs can provide a more immersive experience when playing games or watching movies. They can also be used to create a specific mood in a room, whether you are reading or relaxing for the day. Smart home LEDs are very popular and Govee is securing a prominent place among the competition.

Out of the box

The Govee Glide wall light comes in a complete set of six individual, interchangeable LED light segments simply connected by snapping each into place. The Govee Glide is classified as a wall light. Therefore, the lights are designed to be mounted on your wall however you see fit. Whether it’s a simple addition to your wall to bring an assortment of custom lights, the option is there. They can be mounted along your plinth or under a shelf if you see fit.

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The set includes a single L-shaped segment that can be used to create a different alignment outside of a straight line. Using the L-shaped piece, you can imagine creating a 90 degree pattern to frame part of your TV or monitor. Although the kit comes with all seven pieces, you can use as many as you want. It’s all part of Govee’s commitment to deliver a personalized and user-friendly experience.

In my case, I chose to attach four lights to the back of my desk. Although the Govee Glide is designed to be mounted on a wall, the control strips included in the lamp allow the luminaires to be mounted on a variety of surfaces. Fortunately, the pre-applied strips also ensure that the user doesn’t have to drill holes or make cosmetic changes to the area the lights are placed in. The power source adapter is included in the kit, which has a 1.8m length cord, giving you plenty of leeway to place your lights from a power source . The AC adapter also has two adhesive strips so that it can be hidden away and not be an eyesore in your room.

From a build quality perspective, the individual lights are quite well built. When you put each piece together, there is a bit of abandonment, which can be considered a concern at first glance. Having said that, once I secured them to my desk there was absolutely no problem and they have been in place ever since. My only wish was that there were an extra L-shaped piece or two available in the kit. Having only one unit restricted the number of configurations I could possibly offer if I had chosen to place them elsewhere.

Customization options

The Govee Glide is fully controlled through the Govee Home app on iOS and Android. The app has a surprisingly large hub where you can control Govee’s patented RGBIC lighting technology to display up to 57 colors at a time and a total of 16 million colors. With a wide array of color options, I found myself playing around with a number of color combinations. Fortunately, the app is very user-friendly and offers an impressive number of dynamic scenes and modes to choose from. The fashions themselves range from “Leisure” which gives off a warm orange hue to “Birthday” which oscillates between red, blue, green, pink and more.

You can also choose from a selection of static colors if you are looking for a color to match your room’s feel. You can also control each individual segment of the Glide and adjust them accordingly. The Glide will then make a seamless transition between the colors in each section. You can also adjust it to give off a warmer or cooler tone. By diving further into the custom modes, you can set a DIY mode and experiment with the many options. If there’s a particular speed or gradient you’re looking to create, there’s a good chance you’ll find an option for it in the app. These personalized creations can also be downloaded and used by the Govee community. Likewise, you can also access downloadable community presets to use.

Finally, the Govee Home app also provides a method to pair your Glide lights with music. There are six preset modes that can be associated with the tracks you are listening to. You can also sync the app with the music playing on your device. Selecting this option will allow the app to use your smartphone’s microphone and respond to music and sounds. Funny enough, in one case I had this option and had to take a phone call. With my music off, the lights then started to react and bounce between the colors as I spoke.

If you’re the type who is obsessed with various customization options, you’ll find something to get you excited about with the Govee Glide and Home app. You can really dive into a surprising amount of options and tailor your lighting experience to your preferences.

Smart home integration

The Govee Glide is also compatible and can be integrated into your smart home. You can pair your lights to work with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Being connected to the internet via WiFi, Govee Glide lights can be controlled by voice commands. You can turn the lights on and off and also ask the home automation assistant to switch to a predefined option.

Final thoughts

The Govee Glide wall light is proof that you can start building or expanding your smart RGB lighting system without emptying your wallet. Priced at $ 89.99 USD, the Glide lighting is a compelling kit when placed against competitors. The Govee Kit provides ton of value packs between the bright and powerful lighting system and its accompanying Govee Home app. Without sacrificing quality, the Govee Glide has an impressive design. The seams between each individual piece are almost non-existent.

After using the Govee Glide for over a week, my main gripe is that I wish the company would come up with additional accessories and power supplies. I would love to be able to purchase a single L-shaped piece and an additional power source for the remaining segments in the kit. Unless you can use all six light segments, there is no way to reuse them elsewhere. On top of that, Govee is a user-friendly option and should be on your radar the next time you consider a new RBG lighting system for your living room, office, or anywhere in your home.

Govee Glide is available on the company’s website as well as on Amazon.

A kit has been provided by Govee for review.


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