Grantville reviews mayor’s travel expenses

Jeffrey Cullen-Dean/The Newnan Times-Herald

The Grantville City Council votes to reimburse Mayor Doug Jewell for travel expenses to the Georgia Electric Towns Economic Development Conference. Left to right, Alan Wacaser, Casey Evans, Mayor Doug Jewell, Ruby Hines and Jim Sells.

At its Monday night meeting, Grantville City Council voted to reimburse Mayor Doug Jewell for travel expenses to a recent conference.

Jewell’s expenses cost $978.12.

City manager Al Grieshaber said the item was added to the city meeting agenda due to a mistake he made.

“I signed the registration order form without looking at the travel resolution,” he said.

Jewell attended the Georgia Electric Towns Economic Development Conference. The conference was held April 27-29 at the Westin Jekyll Island Convention Center.

According to the city’s travel policy, provided there is money available, the mayor and members of the city council are allowed to travel to Georgia Municipal Association conventions, legislative conferences, mayoral conferences, Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia conferences, and Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia conferences. .

Other trips must be approved by the mayor and council.

In a previous Newnan Times-Herald article, Jewell said the conferences are about deepening education and finding new ideas to bring back to Grantville. The mayor added that he does not control where conferences are held.

Council member Alan Wacaser wanted to know what Jewell had brought back from the conference, but the mayor was reluctant to share it.

“Mayor, I understand you’ve heard of some hot projects they’ve been working on. I’d like to know what they are someday. You wouldn’t say the other day,” he said.

“These are real estate transactions that have not yet been completed,” Jewell said.

Wacaser added that the city had previously withdrawn from ECG’s community and economic development agreement.

The board also:

  • Appointed Selma Coty, Baron Lundy, Sandra Luttrell and Rodney Mowery as trustees of the Grantville Cemetery Trust. Marion Cieslik also sits on the trust as chair.
  • Approved the annual Fireworks Festival hosted by the Grantville Police Department on July 3.
  • Voted to keep Griffin Street as the city’s local municipal improvement grant project instead of changing it to Classic Road.
  • Decided not to act on a request to relocate the Charlie Patterson Road crossing approximately 850 feet east of its current location.

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