Guest critic Kym Vaitiekus shares his thoughts on THE LITTLE PRINCE


Wednesday January 5, 2022, 7:00 p.m., The Sydney Coliseum, West HQ, Rooty Hill

THE LITTLE PRINCE brings joy and wonder as we return to witness live performances.

The Little Prince book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, is the inspiration of the director Anne Tournie to create this wonderful play. Turned in this work, explores the emotions that the story generated for her when she discovered the book for the first time. Using her expertise, skills and experience, she presents a layered interpretation that is a visual treat.

The Little Prince embodied by Lionel Zalachas takes aviator Aurélien Bednarek / narrator Chris Mouron on an adventure, recounting his travels through the solar system. These stories explore the themes of friendship, love, loss, loneliness with the desire to see beyond the face value of things.

The Narrator and the Little Prince meet the Rose, the King, the Fox, the Drunk, the Teaser, the Serpent, the Businessman, the Vain Man and the Needle, played by Laurisee Sulty, Dylan Barone , Andre Kamienski, Marcin Janiak, Srilata Ray, Antony César, Adrien Picaut, Joan Bertrand and Marie Menuge. The skill, expertise and finesse of this casting is a joy to see.

BWW REVIEW: Guest critic Kym Vaitiekus shares thoughts on THE LITTLE PRINCE

Zalachas brings energy, athleticism to the role and embodies Tournie’s vision for the Little Prince. It’s sublime to see his performance. Seeing the Little Prince give a more in-depth answer to his meetings would be beneficial for the public. Especially for those who don’t know the news.

Co-director Chris Mouron and their libretto adaptation are performed with passion, enthusiasm and enthusiasm. The adapted words are projected in a discreet manner allowing the audience to gain a full understanding of the storytelling.

Composer Terry Tuck skillfully created the music that sets the tone. It beautifully sums up the emotional moments and takes the audience on this passionate journey.

Tournie has superbly combined the elements of choreography, music, screenings and acrobatics to create a beautiful, sophisticated, engaging and stunning theatrical experience. I have never seen acrobatics so perfectly interwoven in the narrative of the performance. These choices are magical. Tournie expertly synthesized all the ingredients of the performance which create many emotional and alluring scenes.

BWW REVIEW: Guest critic Kym Vaitiekus shares thoughts on THE LITTLE PRINCE

In these travel-restricted times, you can now catch a taste of Broadway. This production is presented by the Broadway Entertainment Group and they continue this tour on their way to New York.

This superb work was at the Sydney Opera House in May 2021. It is now at the Sydney Coliseum in Rooty Hill, until January 23. This place is beautifully designed and a pleasure to visit. I especially appreciate that the theater auditorium has reclined seats that allow you to see clearly over your heads in front.

There were some very young audience members who would get restless at times, I think this is due to the sophistication of the play, but with that in mind it’s a show that many can enjoy.

If you like the news or the idea of ​​seeing with the heart, I highly recommend you and your loved ones to catch this wonderful interpretation of The Little Prince.

Photo credit: Prudence Upton

BWW REVIEW: Guest critic Kym Vaitiekus shares thoughts on THE LITTLE PRINCE


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