Gurkirat Singh Kotli Awards Certificates of Proficiency to Successful Boiler Operating Engineers Examination


Punjab Industry and Trade Minister S. Gurkirat Singh Kotli today awarded the latest certificates of competence to 23 successful candidates for the Boiler Operation Engineers Examination at Udyog Bhawan here in a brief ceremony. Successful applicants will now be able to operate large boilers and also self-certify boilers according to rules set by the state government. The Honorable Minister wished the candidates success in their future professional lives. The review of boiler operating engineers was conducted by the government. of the Punjab under the boiler engineering rules promulgated by the government. from India.

The examination was conducted to issue certificates of competence to engineers working on boilers, for the operation of large boilers. Nominations were received from candidates from different states. The written exam was conducted by Punjab Engineering College Chandigarh, a reputable institute in a professional and transparent manner. Candidates who passed the written examination took the oral examination conducted by an examination committee made up of senior officials from the department and professionals from academic and industrial institutions.


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