Habib’s indomitable journey to pass the Alim exams

Defying all odds, Md Habibur Rahman, who was born without arms, stood for the Alim exam which started across the country on Sunday.

Writing with his feet, the 19-year-old took part in the Siddiquia Fazil Madrasa om Kalukhali upazila exam in Rajbari district.

In 2018, he passed the Dakhil exam with GPA 4.61 from the same madrasa.

Habibur Rahman’s older brother-in-law, Anwar Hossain, said: “Habib has been physically disabled since birth. He is very talented and a good student. Habib has a lot of talent and self-confidence. He wants to succeed in the future.

Md Hedayetul Islam, Arabic teacher from Siddiquia Fazil Madrasaa said, “Habib is a very talented student in my madrassa and has done well in all classes and is coming to take the Alim exam on Sunday. However, his family is poor. Maybe he can do better if the wealthy in society and the government support him.

Awabullah Ibrahim, director of the madrasa and responsible for the ongoing Alim exam, said, “Habibur Rahman had passed the JSC and Dakhil exam in this center under my supervision. Even if he doesn’t have two hands, there’s no way to tell he’s handicapped by his handwriting.

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