How the tender for a medical examination showed the absurdity of the BiH system

The public in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) knows that after the aggression and at the start of the country’s reconstruction, a criminal system was devised in political circles to extract public money, either from private pockets or in party pockets.

In recent years, efforts have been made through legal reform to establish a new system allowing better control of public tenders and the expenditure of public money. These are multiple reforms of the judiciary and prosecutions and the strengthening of investigative actions in order to suppress well-integrated corrupt circles. It is not entirely certain how much progress we have made in this area, but the fact that often thoughtless and elaborate solutions have led to new problems is highlighted by the latest case of the Faculty of philosophy from the University of Sarajevo.

For many years, employees of public schools and universities have been obliged to attend annual systematic examinations, which the administrations of these institutions finance from their own or budgetary funds, but after the announcement of a public tender .

Thus, in 2019, the Faculty of Philosophy, in accordance with current law and not for the first time, announced a public tender for systematic examination services for all its employees, more than two hundred of them. them. A healthcare facility in Zenica applied for the tender as the lowest cost service provider.

The management of the Faculty of Philosophy does not choose this institution because it would mean that more than 200 employees of this faculty must travel to Zenica for a systematic examination, after which the Zenica health establishment files and wins a lawsuit against the Faculty of Philosophy of Sarajevo, who is found guilty of not having chosen the most favorable tender because the text of the invitation to tender did not explicitly state that the examination should take place in Sarajevo.

The consequences of this situation, it must be said, incredibly insane, is either that the Faculty of Philosophy now pays the expected amount to this medical establishment in the amount of several tens of thousands of BAM, mainly public money, or that all employees go to Zenica for an exam.

If the administration considers it more economical to go by bus, a tender should be launched for these buses, and this would represent thousands of BAM of public money. However, the total costs of this systematic inspection from Sarajevo to Zenica would be multiplied by the loss of a working day for a large number of budget user employees, through fuel and toll costs.

Given that this surreal case was also before the courts, the question arises as to why none of the lawyers and judges were able to understand and accept the costs of travel to Zenica and back as realistic costs of ‘a systematic review, then to observe the total costs of the trip to Zenica as a total amount of money, writes


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