How to preview WhatsApp voicemail messages before sending them


WhatsApp voicemail messages come in really handy when you are driving, moving around, or just not bothering to type a long message. Of course, they’re also much better at conveying tone, if you understand them correctly.

That’s why we’re happy to see WhatsApp introduce the ability to preview voicemail messages on smartphones and the web before hitting send. Until now, the only options were to send or delete without being able to listen again.

Now you can make sure you’ve worded everything exactly how you wanted it before deleting or tapping send that personal or business message. “These aren’t mistakes, these are repetitions,” WhatsApp says, announcing the feature on Twitter (below).

Users can start the voicemail message in the usual way by opening a chat, pressing and holding the mic icon and dragging it up to lock hands-free recording (you can also continue to press and hold), then press Stop to stop recording.

On the WhatsApp help page, the company adds:

“Press play to listen to your recording. You can also tap any part of the recording to play it from that timestamp, ”the company says on the feature’s help page.

“Tap the trash can to delete the voicemail message or tap send to send it.” “

Right now, it looks like the feature is gradually rolling out to users as I can’t access it on my iPhone. This is despite the fact that WhatsApp claims that it is now available on iOS, Android, and WhatsApp for the web.

However, this is just one of the many features related to voicemail messages, messages that go missing, end-to-end encryption, online status, and group calls. WhatsApp has been rolling out over the past few months, with more prospects to follow.

In September, it was reported that WhatsApp is lining up Apple’s help to help with voicemail transcription. This could be a feature that we will see in 2022.


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