ICSE Class 10 Semester 1 2021-22 Board Exams Start Today: Check Important Guidelines and Other Details


ICSE 2021-22 Class 10 Semester 1 Exams: Indian Secondary Education Certificate (ICSE) Board Exams or Class 10 Semester 1 exams must start from today , November 29. The Indian School Certificate Examinations Council (CISCE) will conduct the English Language (English Paper 1) today.

The format of the question sheet to be used in the semester 1 exam is multiple choice questions (MCQ type).

Important guidelines for exam day:

1. Candidates must collect their admission cards before these exams from the directors of their respective schools.

2. Candidates must be seated in the examination hall / room five minutes before the time set for the start of the examination in the subject.

3. If an examination paper for which the candidate is not registered is given to him, he must immediately bring it to the attention of the supervising examiner.

4. Candidates should carefully read any general instructions that may be given at the top of a document, for example, instructions regarding the number of questions to attempt, etc.

5. Candidates are advised to answer only the number of questions mentioned in the question book – cum – answer.

6. On the top sheet of the question-cum-answer booklet, candidates must sign in the space provided.

7. Applicants must clearly write their unique identifier (unique identification number) and index number on the top sheet of the question-and-answer booklet in the space provided. All entries in the Q&A book should be made with a black / blue ink pen only.

8. Candidates who take the exam will receive a computer generated scoring sheet. This score sheet will only indicate the marks obtained by the candidates in each subject / test that they have taken for the exam of semester 1. The overall result, that is to say – certificate of achievement issued / certificate of achievement not issued / eligible for the compartment examination, will only be declared at the end of the semester 2 examination.

Covid -19 safety instructions for students:

1. Applicants should arrive at the examination center well in advance to ensure a phased movement and smooth entry into the school, to avoid overcrowding.

2. Applicants should ensure that they maintain social distancing when traveling around the school campus and maintain a distance of at least six feet from each other.

3. Applicants should always strictly follow Covid-19 safety protocols, ensuring they wear a face mask, wear hand sanitizer, and avoid touching the face with their hands. The use of gloves is optional.

4. Applicants should have their own stationery and avoid sharing it with other applicants.

5. Applicants should strictly follow respiratory etiquette when coughing or sneezing. This involves the practice of covering your mouth and nose while coughing or sneezing.

6. Applicants must carry their own water bottles. They should not share food or water with others.

7. Applicants should inform the supervising examiner / supervisor and follow the protocol established by the school in case they do not feel well.

8. Applicants should avoid overcrowding at all locations on the school campus ie washrooms, laboratories, classrooms, hallways, library, playground, etc. .

9. Candidates must strictly follow all additional safety instructions issued by the examination center.

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