Institute of Risk Management (IRM), India Affiliate, Announces May 2022 Level 1 ERM Exam Results

  • Kavya Kashyap, former analyst at Xceedance Consulting India Pvt. Ltd and Irshad Ahmed P, Key Account Manager – Plants, Bosch Limited, Achieved All-India Ranking in Professional Examination with 76.10%
  • Devanshi Nishit Shah, MCom Year 2, RA Podar College of Commerce and Economics, scored 74.60% on Level 1 Student Exam

Mumbai, India, June 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Indian subsidiary IRM has announced the results of the May 2022 ERM level 1 exam. Kavya Kashyap, former analyst at Xceedance Consulting India Pvt. Ltd and Irshad Ahmed P, Key Account Manager – Plants, Bosch Limited, achieved All-India Ranking with 76.10% in Level 1 Professional Examination, while Devanshi Nishit Shah, MCom Year 2, RA Podar College of Commerce and Economics, scored 74.60% on the Level 1 professional exam. Level 1 student exam. Based in the UK, IRM is the world leader in Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) qualifications and has been fostering excellence for over 30 years, in 143 countries.

Congratulating all the students who passed the exam, Kosha ParekIRMCert, Head of Studies, Affiliate IRM India, said: “Congratulations to all of the candidates who have worked so hard to pass the Level 1 exams. Following a series of ongoing business challenges, the need for ERM is increasingly recognized across all industries today. We have seen a surge in demand for qualified risk professionals who can identify and mitigate risks across a variety of industries and verticals GRI-qualified candidates stand out from their peers, as companies seek to strengthen their value chains using risk intelligence. We wish our students the best of luck as they join us in our efforts to create a healthy and risk-resilient business ecosystem across all sectors.”

Kavya Kashyap, Ex analyst at Xceedance Consulting India Pvt. Ltd, said:My level 1 trip with MRI was amazing. After studying the fundamentals of ERM, I was able to understand and now identify the different types of risks we face on a daily basis. Having passed the MRI Level 1 exam, I can proudly say that I am able to think from a risk perspective and apply and implement the same in my field of work. Live study sessions coupled with preparatory materials provided by IRM cover everything you need to qualify for this exam. All you need to do is pay enough attention and be analytical in your approach when presenting for the exam. To anyone thinking of pursuing this exam, I would say go for it as MRI qualifications are recognized worldwide in over 140 countries, and it is extremely relevant for everyone, whether you are a risk enthusiast or a contractor. Overall, it was a rewarding experience for me, and I would like to continue my pursuit of excellence in risk management with IRM.”

Irshad Ahmed P, Key Account Manager – Plants, Bosch Limited, added: “The study support session by a very experienced trainer facilitated understanding and quick learning with his practical examples/approaches. It was a very interactive and inclusive session. How to identify a risk from various events daily newspapers, using the news, global forums and risk research with the PESTLE checklist is something very practical Identifying risks seems easy, but it is tricky with its causes and impacts/consequences After the study support session, I highly recommend going through the study support material I would recommend this course to all employees of organizations involved in project management, investment planning, logistics, IT, product design, sales, etc., not just finance. The greatest risk is to take no risk is the soundbite I will never forget, and that’s very true whether you need to grow professionally or personally.”

Devanshi Nishit Shah, MCom Year 2, RA Podar College of Commerce and Economics, added: “Once, I was very interested in the certification and when I contacted the institute, they were very helpful in guiding me through the process. The study material provided is extremely helpful and was a great help in passing the exam. I now want to apply for level 2 and sit for its exam in the near future.”

Risk management professionals are in high demand across industries as businesses attempt to build their risk intelligence and build their resilience in the face of uncertainty. As the global economy goes through turbulent times in the face of war and post-pandemic recovery, businesses must remain alert and vigilant to any emerging risks. Candidates with globally recognized IRM ERM qualifications therefore have the opportunity to hold their organizations accountable through a well-planned risk management framework.

IRM’s 5-level pathway to the Certified GRE Fellowship with professional designations at each stage after Level 2 certifies their GRE expertise while building their problem-solving skills, evidence-based decision-making risks and analytical thinking skills. Students and working professionals can gain a fundamental understanding of GRE by taking the Level 1 exam which takes place four times a year – in February, May, August and November. Successful candidates then take the MRI Level 2 exam held in June and November. Starting at Level 2, candidates also gain globally recognized designations at the end of each level – IRMCert (Level 2), GradIRM (Level 3), CMIRM (Level 4) and CFIRM (Level 5).

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The Institute of Risk Management is the world’s leading professional body for enterprise risk management qualifications and memberships (levels 1-5). IRM publishes research and advice, as well as professional standards around the world. Our members (including members of the Institute of Operational Risk) work in all industries, across all risk disciplines, and in the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors in more than 143 countries. With 360 examination centers in India, candidates can obtain the IRM designations by pursuing the global exams through IRM India Affiliate. IRM India Affiliate has knowledge partnerships with Invest India, National Institute of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (Ministry of MSMEs), ICICI Lombard, Eduvanz, JB Boda Group, Cipla and Bombay Chartered Accountants Society. IRM India Affiliate has also recently collaborated with NMIMS to launch india first professional programs in GRE covering MRI examinations and later launched a report with AICTE (under the Ministry of Education) on GRE and the Indian higher education system. Additionally, he also manages The CRO Circle with Deloitte India’s Risk Advisory.

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