Intel Arc GPU Launch: spans 2 months, boards sent to “selected reviewers”

I’m sure you’ve heard of the mess that the Intel Arc GPU launch is before, and that’s because it was such a disaster. Other than YouTubers posting sponsored videos that just put graphics cards in a good light, there hasn’t been any mainstream tech press covering Intel Arc graphics cards, as they’re still a Chinese exclusive.

We had a few European reviewers who got their hands on Intel Arc, comparing Intel’s new big GPU to “playing drunk, in a minefieldThat same minefield must be where Intel GPU marketing plans its big launch, where leaker Moore’s Law is Dead revealed that Intel is forgoing its massive global Arc launch for a much more watered-down cycle of vibes. positives only with YouTubers and select technical press.

But now… Intel Arc desktop GPUs will have a staggered launch according to Igor from Igor’s lab, who reports that Intel has “now decided internally on a shorter timeframe” and that if they meet that timeframe, we should expect Intel Arc desktop GPUs to launch between August 5th and September 29th.

A pretty crazy two-month launch for such a confident product…especially when analysts say they “can’t believe some of the things I’ve seen people repeat about Intel’s graphics division. How can you even believe that especially given Pat Gelsinger’s history at Intel. Intel won’t allow this to be another Larrabee.”

Former RTG (Radeon Technologies Group, AMD’s GPU division before he left) boss Raja Koduri tweeted that Intel is “very attached to our roadmap. We are developing Alchemist and will continue to improve the experience. You will see more updates from us this quarter. AXG is also on track to launch 4 new product lines by the end of the year.“.

Igor reported: “Intel would now have decided internally on a shorter deadline. If they want to stick to the current schedule, the lineup currently co-located to me is between August 05, 2022 and September 29, 2022. This means there is plenty of time to launch the three larger models announced one slice at a time. Interestingly, internal documents no longer point to a large-scale joint launch event, but rather it could be a kind of “silent” launch, which could be achieved gradually in the retail sector and via only a few media.“.

I’m sure I’ll be kicked out of this “only a few outlets” because they’ll want purely positive reviews, and they wouldn’t like me to cover the whole launch…but not in the way they want, or pay me (this it’s not the case). I actually got my job done by casting a major shade over NVIDIA’s old Fermi GPU architecture…because that too was a total mess. Intel Arc on the other hand, I guess we’ll have to wait and see what kind of “reviews” we see in the coming months.

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