iPhone 14 Plus pleases critics, UBS says iPhone results can be flat, and new Apple TV+ trailer

Overlooking Apple-land from the viewing platform, the reviews are on the iPhone 14 Plus, and they’re very favorable. We also see UBS claim that Apple will report steady iPhone sales, more international legal fights from the Cupertino-based company, and a new movie on Apple TV+ could be an Oscar shoo-in. Seems like a good way to end the week, for the most part.

If you get an iPhone 14 Plus, you’re apparently getting a really big, solid phone. “Bigger phone, smaller price” seems to be the theme of the reviews I spotted. Reviewing some of the titles:

CNBC: iPhone 14 Plus gains battery life and screen size, and costs $200 less than the Pro Max

CBS: iPhone 14 Plus review: If you just want a huge screen, here’s your upgrade

“A big iPhone without the big price,” says CBS.

WSJ: iPhone 14 Plus review: Big screen, big battery, not that big

The Logby Joanna Stern says:

The iPhone 14 Plus arrives a few weeks behind Apple’s other new phones. It’s the best option for those looking for a big phone with long battery life and a bit lighter on the frills.

Engadget: Apple iPhone 14 Plus review: it’s an iPhone, but bigger

“Starting at $899,” says Engadget“iPhone 14 Plus perfectly bridges the gap between the standard iPhone 14 and the more expensive Pro line.”

The edge: Apple iPhone 14 Plus review: a big deal

“Excellent battery life and a large display make the 14 Plus worthy of an upgrade,” according to the site.

So now I want an iPhone 14 Plus and an iPhone 14 Pro Max. (Don’t Tell My iPhone 13 I Said That)

The iPhone 14 Plus October route

With Apple’s biggest little phone hitting the first nationwide tour today, the Cupertino company has let the world know where it’s going next. iDownloadBlog runs who gets what and when.

According to the article, more than 30 countries are getting the Plus today, including the usual day one suspects like Australia, Canada, China, many countries in Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States. United.

Take a week to breathe and a second, smaller round is scheduled for Next Friday October 14. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 countries get the phone then – Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Turkey among them.

Take a few weeks to catch your breath, and an even smaller ride gets your hands on the iPhone 14 Plus. iDownloadBlog lists just three countries picking up the phone on Friday, October 28 – namely Brazil, Colombia and Mexico.

UBS forecasts stable iPhone results for the September quarter

Don’t let the new iPhone Day: Part Two get you excited. A glance at the financial pages tells you that there is still cause for concern. Looking for Alpha writes a note from UBS analyst David Vogt. The article has the analyst stating “wait times for the new iPhone 14 product line have eased, indicating ‘flat’ year-over-year growth for the September quarter.”

Kind of a weird statement. We are in the December term. Assuming he’s right about reducing wait times, there was nothing easy about waiting for the iPhone 14 Pros to complete the last quarter – And this was with an extra week of availability.

The problem may be with the mix. Citing figures from his company’s evidence lab, Looking for Alpha said:

Vogt said data shows that Apple’s high-end iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max experienced “high” wait times compared to last year, but the iPhone 14 low-end is “readily available” and that the wait times for the iPhone 14 Plus — [out today] — [are] around 7-8 days to most areas.

While a number of analysts believe Pro phone revenue will offset weakness on the consumer side, Vogt is not convinced. He thinks whatever the 14 pros had going for them at the end of September “will likely be offset by the continued strength of the US dollar,” according to Looking for Alpha.

As unfun as all of this sounds, Vogt is still very attached to Apple. He has a “Buy” rating on the company’s stock and a price target of $185.

France lowers fine for Apple price-fixing from 1.1 billion euros to 372 million euros

Apple had a significantly reduced fine in France, but not sufficient for the Cupertino company. A piece of MacRumors says a French appeals court reduced a fine for alleged anti-competitive behavior from 1.1 billion euros to 372 million euros.

According to the report, French antitrust regulators have fined Apple early 2020 for pricing Apple equipment with authorized resellers so high that the prices charged by resellers ended up close to the prices that Apple itself charged consumers. According MacRumors:

The fine was reduced after the Court of Appeal dropped one of the three main charges related to the price-fixing allegations and significantly reduced the rate applied to calculate the overall fine…

While Apple might like the idea of ​​paying around a third of the original €1.1 billion, which it really wants to pay is nothing. A piece of Barrons (Going through Apple+ News) says it is still the way the company aims. The site quotes Apple saying:

…while the court correctly overturned part of the French Competition Authority’s decision, we believe it should be overturned in its entirety and plan to appeal. The decision relates to practices from more than a decade ago that even the French Competition Authority has acknowledged are no longer in use.

Italian court rejects fines against Apple and Amazon

something apple may think: why can’t France be more like Italy? A piece of MacRumors earlier this week, an Italian court fined Apple and Amazon €173 million – again for alleged anti-competitive behavior.

In turmoil, the two companies were fined at the end of last year for working together to limit third-party sellers who could sell Beats products on Amazon’s Italian site. Antitrust authorities said the limitations were intended to “stifle competition and keep prices high,” according to the report.

No word in the room on Why the court killed the fine, that’s exactly what it did. Amazon reportedly welcomed the decision. Apple and Italian regulators had no comment.

Apple TV+ Outs trailer and ‘Causeway’ release date

Apple could have some serious competition come Oscar season, coming from Apple itself. Company directs Antoine Fuqua/Will Smith historical drama Emancipation Oscar-eligible. Now it seems to do the same with Pavement. And there’s at least one nomination written on it.

According to Apple Press release on the movie, Pavement tells the story of “a military engineer who returned from Afghanistan to the United States with a debilitating brain injury after an IED was detonated”. But it doesn’t just deal with the trauma of war. Back in her hometown of New Orleans, she also has to deal with the memories of a traumatic childhood. She does, however, find a new friend who is supportive – an auto mechanic dealing with his own trauma.

Brian Tyree Henry plays the mechanic. You know him from the TV series Atlantaas well as movies If Beale Street could talk, marvel’s The Eternalsand Godzilla vs. Kong. The returning vet is played by Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence — and there (I’d bet) is an Oscar nomination all but guaranteed. Not just because it’s her – I saw the trailer.

Pavement arrives on Apple TV+ on Friday, November 4. It begins a limited theatrical run the same day – a condition of Oscar eligibility. The trailer makes the film tough and touching. You can catch the trailer on Youtube.

KRON-4’s Mark Burnette retires

Finally today – Chances are it won’t mean anything personally to anyone who reads it, but I want to say it publicly: Mark Burnette has retired. Mark has spent 45 years in television, 26 of which leading news and live programming at KRON-4 in San Francisco. I worked with Mark there when I was producing the Rob Black Show from 2005 to 2008. What I told Mark on LinkedIn was a lot of people made me feel like I didn’t have my place in the control room. I suspect they were right, even if they put me there too: that’s another story.

Mark was not one of those people. I to know I frustrated him because I had no idea what I was doing when I started. No matter how little I knew and how much I messed up – and nearly left us looking dead more than once… Not only did Mark never let me down… he didn’t never treaty me as if I didn’t belong there.

Besides being a TV guy, Mark is a pilot and flight instructor. So – I might panic. He could handle it.

We were friends when we worked together. We have lost sight of each other over the years. But what Mark gave me was priceless. Everyone should be so lucky. If I ever get the chance, I hope I’ll be as cool, helpful, and genuine to others as Mark was to me.

Nice sky and tailwind, Mr. Burnette. And I can’t thank you enough.

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