Jammu and Kashmir Police Warn Against Abuse Of Social Media, Reviews Policy, India News News


A new social media policy for the Kashmir region has been developed by the Jammu and Kashmir police.

They recently ran ads in local newspapers warning people about the risks of misuse of social media sites.

People are urged not to post any contentious content on social media.

The ad appeared in many local newspapers as well as on social media.

“Anyone who shares or transmits messages or videos that fuel terror, violence [or] causing alarm or panic on social media platforms (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.) can be seen as acting with the intention of causing terror and unrest in public order situations ”, reads one in advertising.

According to the Jammu and Kashmir police, these advertisements and awareness-raising efforts will reduce the number of young people joining terrorist organizations, leading to improved public order.

This is nothing new, it has been done by the police in every state, and we are doing it too. No one can publish fake news, glorify activism, spread rumors, or threaten anyone. Whether it’s Facebook or any other social media website, it’s illegal. Anything that encourages activism or fear among people is a crime under the law. We are awakening people first, and in the next step we will take action, ”said IGP Kashmir Vijay Kumar.

Security agencies have long claimed that social media is used to promote terrorism in Kashmir.

It was also a source of public order problems in various parts of the Kashmir Valley.

According to law enforcement sources, Pakistan was unable to deploy terrorists in the valley with rifles and ammunition due to a narrow security gate and surveillance along the Line of Control.

In the Kashmir Valley, security personnel have taken a more robust approach to counterterrorism operations.

The police source added that terrorists across the border are using social media as a tool to radicalize Kashmiri youth.

There is ample evidence from security agencies that agents across the border are using the internet to train local Kashmiri youth to be terrorists.

And the security forces believe that by reviewing this policy, they would be able to put an end to these incidents.


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