Jared Goff’s starting job secured for now as Lions continue evaluations



Despite loud and catchy words from his head coach, Jared Goff is in no immediate danger of losing his starting job, sources say. Assessments for the future are underway.

After two tough games and two losses, Goff’s employment status came under criticism this week in Detroit. It accelerated when head coach Dan Campbell said Goff “needs to step up more than he has”. Campbell clarified that everyone had to do it as well, but the lightning rod was hit.

As Goff prepares to face his former team, the Los Angeles Rams, he has come under fire.

For Winless and Rebuilding Lions, there are two simultaneous goals.

First, play the QB that gives them the best chance of winning. For now, it’s Goff. There haven’t been any conversations in the building yet about rejecting Goff in favor of David Blough. If the struggles continue, maybe in the future. But not now. Goff doesn’t have an endless rope, but he does have a lot.

Second, who is the best QB of the future? These assessments are still ongoing and no conclusions have been drawn. Goff has significant guarantees in 2022 – $ 26.15 million – and if he’s not the future, it gets complicated. A problem for Detroit to be dealt with at another time.

Goff has had a really solid week of training, giving hope for a rebound.

Meanwhile, as Goff prepares to take on his former club, an interesting fact has emerged that adds context to him leading Los Angeles to a Super Bowl after the 2018 regular season. Goff has played all 16 games this season, while his team had a 13-3 record and he had had a career year.

Goff did it all when dealing with a previously unknown foot injury that erupted this season. Sources say Goff had foot surgery after Super Bowl season.

Essentially, pain from a fracture on the outside of the fifth metatarsal has erupted this season. The team fitted it with a custom-made orthosis. He played through it and didn’t run out of time.

After the season, the Rams hoped that rest and rehabilitation, along with inactivity, would cure him. But he came back at the end of OTAs. So, surgery.

Doctors put a screw in it to secure the fracture during surgery, and Goff healed faster than expected in time for camp. A display of tenacity and resilience for which Goff rarely gets credit.

That kind of mentality will be needed now as his game becomes clear.


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