Judge orders skills assessment of villager who crashed into golf carts on New Years Eve

Jean Paul Toupin

A judge has ordered a skills assessment of a villager who crashed into several golf carts on New Years Eve in Brownwood Paddock Square.

Judge Paul Militello ordered the evaluation of John Paul Toupin, 80, of the Village of LaBelle North. The evaluation will be undertaken by Steven O’Neal Phd of Tampa. The valuation will take place this week, according to documents filed in Sumter County Court.

Wildwood Police were called on New Year’s Day to the parking lot behind Dunkin’ Donuts in Brownwood Paddock Square to investigate an accident in which a vehicle “hit several golf carts”.

A witness pointed officers toward Toupin, who was driving the gray GMC sport utility vehicle that caused the crash, according to a Wildwood Police Department arrest report. Toupin immediately admitted that he had “drank too much”.

He said he put the SUV in “drive” rather than “reverse” and hit a parked golf cart, pushing it into another parked golf cart. A third golf cart had been involved, but the golf cart was driven from the scene before police arrived.

Toupin was transported by ambulance to the self-contained emergency room at UF Health-The Villages Hospital in Brownwood for a medical evaluation. Once cleared, he was asked to participate in field sobriety drills. The report says he performed poorly in the drills. He provided breath samples showing blood alcohol levels of 0.107 and 0.108.

Toupin was arrested for driving under the influence. He remains free on bail.

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