Kenya: Magoha warns teachers against falsifying exam papers

Nairobi – Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha has warned teachers against tampering with exam papers before they are presented to candidates.

Speaking on Monday while monitoring the start of the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) 2021 exam at Shimo La Tewa School in Mombasa County, Magoha said there are intelligence reports indicating that some teachers planned to open the second newspaper in particular.

The tough-talking CS has dared “those who feel brave enough” to test the government’s resolve to protect the integrity of the national exam.

“We have to protect our children. The law will catch up with those who compromise exam fraud in the courts and it’s up to them,” Magoha said.

Magoha said the multi-agency team overseeing the reviews is guilty of identifying the exact areas where a leak occurred, just as they did in Wajir, Transnzoia counties and elsewhere.

“This is a Kenyan legacy from 2016 to 2022, delivering credible reviews using the multi-agency team, particularly the Ministry of Home Affairs and National Government Coordination and Ministry of ICT,” said said Magoha.

Meanwhile, Magoha revealed that two students were found with cellphones but were allowed to take their exams.

He absolved the candidates of any wrongdoing with regards to cheating on the exam, citing that they had prepared to sit for the exam.

“The culprits are the parents and the most guilty are the teachers. Some of them basically traders and scammers. We broke up their cartels in primary schools, and after arresting several of them, we found ‘they had formed another. said Magoha.

He said they have developed the container system which has delivered credible results in taking students to universities marking them with international caliber making them qualified and respected.

He instructed the Kenyans and the next administration not to back down with the credibility of the reviews no matter what.

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