Kerameos lawsuit against ADEDY for the new strike – abstention for the evaluation



Education Minister Niki Kerameos filed a complaint, which is heard today, calling for ADEDY to strike-abstain to have the assessment declared illegal.

According to a relevant announcement, “this abstention strike is being waged for exactly the same reasons and with exactly the same demands made by the teachers’ unions in their own abstention strike deemed illegal only 6 days ago.”

It is recalled that the unions OIT, OLME, POSEEPEA and OIELE appealed against the decision of the Athens Court of First Instance, which ruled that their abstention from strike was illegal, and the Ministry of Education and Worship has appealed, requesting that the assessment procedures be in progress. The appeal will be heard on Monday, October 11.

For Monday, OLME and the IOC declared a 24-hour strike, rallying and marching towards Parliament. In their announcements, they specify that the Ministry of Education, with the internal and external evaluation procedures, aims “to dissolve the public school”.

ILO: “The data announced for the evaluation do not correspond to reality”

Also, in its announcement, the ILO stresses that the data announced by the Institute for Educational Policy (IEP) concerning the evaluation reports for the 2020-2021 school year “do not correspond to reality”.

The educational units that appear on the relevant IEP platform, as the ILO asserts, “given the real evidence of the overwhelming participation of teachers in the strike-abstain”, concern either “actions of individuals “or” white “positions which indicate the weakness of schools to submit an evaluation report due to the participation of teachers’ associations in the strike-abstain last year.

Source: RES-EAP


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