Missing girl found alive and in good health; The man in detention has no ties to Cleo’s family; Mom says “the family is whole again”; Police broke down in tears after finding missing child


Western Australian Prime Minister Mark McGowan joined the nation in expressing relief at the news that four-year-old Cleo Smith was found “alive and well” this morning.

“It’s a very exciting day,” said Mr. McGowan.

“We are also delighted and very happy to hear the good news that little Cleo Smith has been found alive and well. This is remarkable, exciting and uplifting news.”

Speaking to reporters at the Royal Perth Hospital, Mr McGowan thanked the community in Western Australia for their help over the past few weeks and acknowledged the work done by the WA Police to bring Cleo back to her parents.

It was the result of “great police work by great people,” McGowan said.

“I think this will be looked into by police forces across the country and indeed around the world as to what can be done if you have the right people and the right way of looking and doing it. methodically, with determination, that’s exactly what happened here. “

Mr. McGowan also recognized Cleo’s parents, Ellie Smith and stepfather Jack Gliddon.

“They have been through much of the last 18 days, terrible trauma, vicious attacks and, without a doubt, very trying and sad times,” said the Prime Minister.

“To them, and all our thoughts are with them. We are delighted that little Cleo has returned to them. It is an exciting, uplifting and wonderful day. I am sure we are very proud.”

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