Mu Draws Criticism for Holiday Change, Rating Schedule | Mangaluru News

Mangaluru: Changes made by Mangalore University (MU) to the end of semester timetable have been widely criticized by faculty and students.
The semester exams started on April 6 and ended on Wednesday. Previously, holidays were declared shortly after the end-of-semester exam.
However, this time, classes have started for the second, fourth and sixth semesters, starting on Thursday. The assessment of the exam papers has been postponed and MU has not yet announced dates for it.
According to a head teacher, two or three weeks vacation is given to students after the end of semester exam and an evaluation is done during this period.
“This time, the schedule has changed for both, which bothers students and teachers. MU, due to lobbying by private educational institutions, changed the rules. If leave is declared, private establishments must pay one month’s salary, without having their staff work. Therefore, this plan was designed to help private institutions,” said a head teacher.
In a letter written by the principal of a first-year government college at MU, the principal asked the university to postpone classes for the new semester until May 23.
Staff busy with exams don’t have enough vacation time before the start of the new semester.
Additionally, many college campuses face water shortages. A majority of students wait for the results after the exam, and the delay in the results will deprive them of the opportunity to apply for several scholarship programs.
Another college principal added that although odd semester classes started on Thursday, attendance is below 50%. “It’s because the students need a break after the end-of-semester exam and they’re not in the mood to come to class right away,” the principal said.
MU sources added that the assessment of the exam papers will take place in mid-June. In parallel, an odd-numbered semester internal assessment exam will take place. “Not a good idea,” the source added.
When TOI contacted PL Dharma, Registrar (Assessment), he maintained that changes had been made to streamline the academic calendar, which is hampered due to the pandemic, and denied any lobbying.
Wait for instructions
“Students and teachers have to make sacrifices. Assessment is delayed, as there are no clear guidelines on this, while using the Unified University and College Management System (UUCMS), which was recently introduced. We will only start the assessments after receiving the guidelines,” he added.

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