Mysuru Records Impressive Performance in SSLC Exam

The district’s performance in the SSLC exam for 2021-22, the results of which were announced on Thursday, was commendable with a pass percentage of 91.38 and is the highest in recent years.

Out of 36,128 students who sat for the exam, 33,012 passed, which contrasts with the passing percentage of 74.45 recorded in 2019-2020. There were no public exams last year due to the pandemic and all students were declared successful.

Girls performed better than boys and out of 18,028 girls who sat for the exam, 16,898 or 91.38% passed. Of 18,100 boys, 16,114 (89.02%) passed the exam

Deputy Director of Public Instruction Ramachandra Raje Urs told media here on Thursday that 6 students scored 625 out of 625; 13 students scored 624; 23 secure 623; 23 students obtained 622 points; 22 students got 621; and 33 students achieved 620 points in the district.

The performance of rural students was better than that of their urban counterparts and out of 19,950 students who sat for the exam from rural areas, 18,527 achieved the same result with the passing percentage being 92.87. Out of 16,178 students who came from urban centers, 14,485 passed the exam with a passing percentage of 89.54.

There are 117 schools with one hundred percent results. Of these, 34 are public schools, 9 are aided and 74 are non-aided institutions, according to Mr. Urs.

The passing percentage in government institutions was 89.88. Out of 16,125 public school students, 14,493 passed the exam. The pass percentage in the assisted institutions was 90.32 with 6,997 out of 7,747 students passing the exam. The pass rate at non-assisted institutions was 94.01 and 11,552 out of 12,256 students passed the exam.

District-wide, 467 students earned a centum in math, 238 in science, and 1,663 in social studies, except for 977 in first language, 429 in second language, and 627 in third language.

While 18,802 students sat for the SSLC exam in English, 14,957 passed (94.61%) while out of 20,306 students who took the exam in Kannada, 18,046 passed the exam – the pass percentage being 88.88, according to Mr. Urs.

In districts, Periyapatna taluk came out on top with 94.64% pass followed by HD Kote (93.77), Hunsur (93.64), Mysuru rural (93.27), Nanjangud (92.10 ) T.Narsipur (91.03), Mysuru North (89.07), Mysuru South (88.67) and KRNagar (87.35).

The DDPI said that apart from the students and their parents, credit should go to the teachers who went out of their way to cover the topics and ensure that the concepts were internalized by the students. There were plenty of practice tests given by the teachers and this helped the students overcome the tension and take the exam with confidence, he added.

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