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Kochi: Even though admissions to Plus One saw an unusual crowd and concerns expressed by students, statistics show that the number of applications received this year is almost 11,000 less than the previous year. Despite an increase in the number of places this year, students are failing to gain admission to their preferred courses or schools.
As the tripling of the number of students with A + in all subjects is cited as the main reason, teachers and education experts suggest changing the assessment of the SSLC exam from a grade-only system to one. notes with notes, just like for Plus Two.
Teachers said the grade-based assessment system makes admission to Plus One complex, as all students who score between 90% and 100% are treated the same as an A + grade, without mentioning their grades in the certificate. Therefore, with the increase in the number of students obtaining a full A +, the competition would also become stiffer, making the award more difficult. If the final grades are also mentioned, the award list could be based on that, reducing the crowds, the teachers said.
S Manoj, secretary general of state of the Assisted Secondary Teachers Association, said that 4,760,040 applications were received last year in the one-stop-shop system, but this year it was only 4,65,219 applications, with a decrease in the number of applicants from the State, CBSE, ICSE and other sectors. Scoring is indicative of the percentage range of a student’s score, but with grades a student knows exactly where they are.
“The current SSLC assessment system is unscientific as the number of students achieving the best marks is exceptionally higher than in previous times. Those who work very hard and those who don’t equally can sometimes end up with the same grades. So the government might consider mentioning the grades as well as the grades to facilitate the admissions process, ”Manoj said.
Meanwhile, the education department said there were no plans to introduce a grading system in SSLC, as the grading system was introduced a decade ago to address issues and reduce pressure on students. “The grading system has worked well all these years and there are no talks to reintroduce the grading system,” said K Jeevan Babu, director of general education.

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