Neil Gaiman’s 19 Best Books, According to Goodreads Reviews



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  • Neil Gaiman is a successful and award-winning English author.
  • He has written short stories, fantastic books and a series of graphic novels.
  • Goodreads reviewers like “American Gods” and “Coraline” the most.

Neil Gaiman is an influential storyteller who has won numerous awards for his work – from the Hugo and Nebula Awards to the British National Book of the Year Award 2013 – and was the first author to win the Newbery and Carnegie medals for a book. Neil Gaiman, like many writers, also teaches a Writing MasterClass where he unpacks his storytelling process.

The Professor: Award-winning writer Neil Gaiman (“The Sandman”, “Coraline”, “American Gods”) has dabbled in everything from novels and comics to film and audio theater.

To rank Neil Gaiman’s most popular books, we used reviews from Goodreads Members. Good reading is the world’s largest platform where over 125 million readers can rate, review, and recommend their favorite novels to friends and the community. Whether you’re looking for your first Neil Gaiman story or craving a fantastic new tale, here are the most popular Neil Gaiman novels, ranked by Goodreads reviews.

Neil Gaiman’s 19 Best Books, According to Goodreads Members:


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