Nigerian university bans students’ wild glee after exams


The management of the University of Port Harcourt in Rivers State has banned the savage jubilation of students after exams at the school.

Describing the celebrations as a nuisance, he said a student was nearly killed during one of the wild celebrations recently.

Glee, which some have called savage, is common on college campuses after exams are over, especially among graduating students. Some of their actions include throwing themselves bags of water, dousing themselves in buckets of cold water, and tearing or cutting their clothes to make them look like rags.

University officials have vowed to punish graduating students who indulge in savage jubilation after their exams in the future.

University spokesman Sammy Kpenu said in a statement: “The attention of the university leadership has been drawn to the recent wild jubilation on campus that nearly claimed the life of a student.

“These jubilations (sic) are mostly carried out by terminal students after their final exam. The management considers these wild jubilations as an act of nuisance aimed at disturbing the serenity of the academic environment. The law is also contrary to the existing rules of the University.

“Therefore, the University authorities order the students who indulge in wild liesses to assemble music equipment, to brutally roll around the campus, to turn their clothes (clothes) into rags, to throw away bags of water among other acts should now cease.

“Now any student found indulging in savage jubilations after an exam on campus would be treated according to the rules governing the University.

“Deans of faculties and heads of departments are urged to strictly monitor the conduct of their graduating students after their final exam. “

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