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ISLAMABAD: The Court of Auditors completed on Wednesday the cross-examination of two prosecution witnesses in the scam of the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) against the former president of Ogra Tauqeer Sadiq and 10 other people .

The judge of the Court of Accounts-I, Muhammad Bashir, during the hearing of the case concluded the cross-examination of two witnesses, Ijaz Ahmad and Altaf Hussain.

National Accountability Bureau (NAB) prosecutor Sohail Arif and defense lawyer Arshad Taraiz appeared in court.

Witness Altaf Hussain testified that he appeared before the NAB Investigation Officer (IO) along with Asmat Ullah Kanizi and Tayaba Hassan.

He said the government has received a gas development surcharge (GDS) from distribution companies over the amount they receive from consumers.

The prescribed price for disruptive companies is determined by the Ogra.

The witness said that after the unaccounted-for gas benchmark (UFG) increased, the Sindh High Court (SHC) and Lahore High Court (LHC) granted an injunction against Ogra at the request of the companies to distribution.

The LHC injunction order remained in effect until 2013 and the CHS remained in force until November 2016.

The Ogra was unable to review the UFG reference due to injunction orders from the high courts.

The other defendants in this case were Mir Kamal FaridBijarani, Jawad Jameel, Abdul Rasheed, Syed Arsalan Iqbal, Yousuf G Ansari and Mansoor Muzaffar.

The former leader of Ogra Sadiq was accused of abuse of power to inflict Rs 82 billion losses nationally.

Sadiq is the main accused in the mega-rupee 82 billion scam with three co-defendants, Muzaffer Ali, member of gas, Mir Kamal Farid, member of finance, and Jawad Jameel, staff officer of President Ogra.

In reference to corruption, the NAB alleged that Sadiq had granted undue and illegal favors to private companies and individuals, causing a loss of Rs 82 billion to the public treasury.

It is further alleged that Sadiq and other co-defendants in the case provided undue financial assistance to private companies and individuals, and issued licenses for CNG stations on false or false documents.

The court, after the completion of the cross-examination of two witnesses, has summoned witnesses, Aamir Nusrat and Shazia Baig, to appear for the recording of their statements at the next hearing to be held on September 30.

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