OJEE 2022 Advisory Process Postponed, Official Notice Posted on odishajee.nic.in, Details

OJEE 2022 consultation postponed

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The Odisha Joint Entrance Examination Committee has decided to postpone the OJEE 2022 counseling process. An official notice regarding the postponement has been posted on the official website – odishajee.com. New dates for OJEE Counseling will be released soon for students.

According to the official notice posted, the OJEE 2022 consultation has been “postponed for the time being”. New dates for the OJEE consultation will be published by the committee.

“Keeping in mind that the process of approval and affiliation of state technical / professional institutes by AICTE and the University has not been completed and that the results of some universities / councils / commissions have not been declared, the OJEE advisory process is being postponed for the time being. The schedule for OJEE consultations will be announced in due course,” reads the official published notice.

The notice further adds that students who have achieved a rank in the 2022 JEE Main Result or the 2022 OJEE Examination can apply for the counseling process once the new dates are posted on the website by the examination committee. .

Previously, the OJEE 2022 application deadline for the OJEE 2022 Second Special Examination was extended to August 14, 2022 and the last date to submit fees was tomorrow August 16, 2022 until 10 p.m. However, the process is now postponed until further notice.

The Odisha Joint Entrance Examination, OJEE, is conducted for students to gain admission into all private, government and sponsored institutions in the state of Odisha. Admission is usually based on the result of the entrance examination and the merit of the student through a process of allocation of places or advice.

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