Ordered investigation into suspected paper leak


Indore (Madhya Pradesh): The Commissioner of the Directorate of Public Instruction (DPI) ordered an investigation into the alleged leak of the quarterly examination paper for grades IX to XII. In the order, the commissioner said that the responsibility for the confidentiality of the questions documents will have to be taken by the necessary officials.

Action will be taken against those who leaked the document on social media.

The papers looked alike

The questions in the leaked documents were similar to some of the questions in the exam document, said teachers who analyzed the documents. Professor Himanshi Joshi said, “Some questions were similar, but it is bound to happen, as these questions are usually asked during the exam.

She added that even if the students had studied the questions mentioned in the leaked questionnaire, they should have studied a large part of the program, ”Joshi said.

The MPSEB had considered canceling the papers

After the question papers went viral on social media, the school education department and MPBSE even considered canceling the materials.

According to reports and posts, these questions were first made viral on YouTube, and then the links were posted on other social media portals.

Officials from the school education department are trying to trace the source of the leak and said an FIR will be filed against the accused.

A letter has been issued by headquarters to maintain the secrecy of this examination.

Before the exam started on Monday, applicants had to go through a rigorous selection process at schools.

In the first shift, the 9th class math test took place. The Class 11 Chemistry, Accounting and Geography exam was also completed in the first shift and ended at 1:00 p.m.

In the second shift, the class 10 math exam was completed. For the 12th grade, the chemistry, accounting and geography exam started at 1:30 p.m. in the second shift.

About 95 percent of students in all grades took the exam.

The Covid-19 guidelines were followed during the review.

New model review

The marks of this exam could also be added to the results of grades 10 and 12. This time the 10th and 12th class exam subjects were done on the new model announced by MPBSE.

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Posted on: Tuesday September 28th, 2021 01:25 IST

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