Orgeron highlights Auburn’s backfield in offensive evaluation


On April 5, 2019, the head coach of LSU Ed Orgeron welcomed a dynamic four-star running back prospect during an official visit to Death Valley. The star balloon carrier class of 2020 knew they had all summer to woo SEC schools, already benefiting from offers from Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Georgia and everyone else who wanted their lottery ticket on No. 4 in the country.

Orgeron met his family, showed them the beautiful facilities at LSU, and had a great time getting to know the young man known as Bigsby Reservoir.

Now, two and a half years later, Orgeron is preparing his LSU Tigers to stop Bigsby – the Auburn star – at all costs on Saturday night in Baton Rouge.

“I watched a game with Tank this morning against Penn State and it looked like he had broken six tackles on the downhill,” said Orgeron. “I am a huge Tank fan. I tried to recruit Tank here. I love it. He came to visit and I know his family.

“He’s a great running back. He’s running with a low cushion level, running north and south, and we’re going to have to go lower than him and tackle the gangs. He has a problem. He’s a very good running back and a very good young man.

As a true freshman, Bigsby burst onto the Auburn scene, finishing with the fifth most rushing yards in the loaded SEC and ultimately being named the Conference Freshman of the Year. .

Entered 2021, he was drafted to the SEC’s first preseason team along with Texas A&M running back. Isaiah Spiller. For many, Bigsby is the best running back in the best college football conference as a runner-up.

The LaGrange, Ga. Native picked up in 2021 where he left off in 2020, with 403 rushing yards and four touchdowns in just four games. Put simply, the LSU defense knows they have their work cut out for them this weekend at Tiger Stadium.

Unfortunately for LSU, the defense can’t afford to relax when Bigsby heads for the sidelines as Auburn prides himself on another young dynamic returning. Hunter Jarquez. While Bigsby is the tank (pun intended), advancing 6.2 yards per stroke, Hunter is the playmaker.

Despite 30 less carries than Bigsby at this point, Hunter is only 21 yards behind Bisgby for a total rushing yard at 382 on just 36 carries. That’s 10.6 yards per tote. A specific climax to come on a 94-yard touchdown run against Alabama State.

With two quality full-backs, the visiting Tigers hope to fix some of their offensive problems against Georgia State with some old-fashioned running play.

“[Auburn plays a] West coast style, 11 people, 21 people, 12 people so it’s gonna be some good old school football and I don’t blame them they have two great running backs in Bigsby Reservoir and Hunter Jarquez, said Orgeron. “We recruited Tank, he runs short, he breaks tackles. Hunter Jarquez is a freshman runner averaging 10.6 yards per carry. “

Racing play will be key to Orgeron’s defense at the start of the week, mainly because it’s a mystery who will start at Auburn quarterback. Bo Nix was benched for former LSU starter TJ Finley who led the comeback victory over Georgia State on Saturday.

LSU is familiar with both quarterbacks, and both have similar styles of play with explosive arms and decent mobility. However, while they are decent, there will be a slight sigh of relief whenever they don’t hand the ball to Bigsby or Hunter.

“Both quarterbacks are very capable,” said Orgeron. “Bo Nix who we know and TJ [Finley]. [TJ] He got in there and what a great job he did to win the game. He made some beautiful pieces. He’s a great young man and a great quarterback and he looks to be successful there and we’re happy for him.

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