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Tamil Nadu’s political parties except the BJP on Saturday decided to wage a unified legal battle to completely abolish the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET) for admission to state medical schools .

A decision to this effect was taken at a meeting of all political party leaders chaired by Chief Minister MK Stalin at the Secretariat here.

The resolution passed by 12 political parties amid a BJP walkout says the NEET exam and the ensuing National Medical Commission law greatly affected Tamil Nadu students by requiring NEET for college admissions. medicine.

“The Center has deprived the state government of the right to decide how its students are admitted to state-run medical schools. It is against state autonomy, ”said the resolution.

“NEET is the problem of Tamil Nadu – the problem of our students … In a country like India where the poor live, where there is inequality on behalf of castes, the most important and most difficult thing is to access education, ”Stalin said at a meeting attended by even the opposition AIADMK.

The abolition of entrance exams makes higher education accessible to the poor and people of rural origin, he argued.

“The NEETs have deprived these sections of the right to education and the state opposes NEETs because they are an obstacle to the educational development of students in Tamil Nadu. “How do we accept the two hour exam called NEET after plus two?” Isn’t that a social injustice? How much can afford to spend a huge sum on NEET coaching? Asked the chief minister. He explained the circumstances which had prompted him to ask Prime Minister Narendra Modi to exempt TN from NEET, and recalled that the Assembly resolution requesting the exemption from the test was adopted unanimously on September 13. 2021.

“We have forwarded the bill to the governor to be sent to the president for his assent. But the governor had not sent the bill to the president, ”he said and added that he had to meet with the governor in person and insist that the bill be sent.

“It is a situation where the rights of the state and the legislative power are called into question that we urgently called this meeting of all parties,” Stalin informed.

NEET favored students who have access to coaching and this created the impression that 12 years of schooling is of no use for admission to medical courses besides emptying the education system of its meaning. “This not only shatters the dreams of students, but also destroys the principle of federalism,” added the resolution. “Failure to send this bill to the president is considered contrary to the sovereignty of the legislature,” said the resolution and mentioned the chief minister’s efforts to call on the governor to urge him to send the bill for presidential assent. . The Union Home Minister’s refusal to meet the all-party delegation is against democratic standards, says the resolution and adds that the delegation would meet with the Union Home Minister if an audience is given .

Seasoned legal experts will be consulted on the legal steps necessary to completely abolish the NEET system which shatters the dreams of higher education of poor and rural students and disrupts the principle of state autonomy. Therefore, it was decided that all political parties will work in unison and make every effort to secure consensus so that other states in the country can understand the downsides of NEETs, according to the resolution.

“Almost 12 of the 13 political party leaders who attended the meeting decided to meet with the Union Home Minister to ask for the NEET exemption and also to consult legal experts on how to conduct the legal battle, ”Health and Family Minister Ma Subramanian said. leaving the meeting. The multi-party delegation is scheduled to meet again with the governor to seek approval of the Tamil Nadu assembly bill, he told reporters. Demanding a white paper on the admission status of poor students to medical schools and the structure of fees and capitation demanded by medical schools before the creation of NEET, BJP national president Mahila Morcha and Coimbatore lawmaker South Vanathi Srinivasan said the DMK and other parties portrayed the BJP government at the Center as NEET.

“It was introduced by the Congress-led UPA government of which the DMK was a part. The BJP does not agree with the resolution to exempt the NEETs, ”she said after organizing a walkout from the meeting.

She claimed that 69 percent of reservations tracked in Tamil Nadu guaranteed social justice and that the allegation that NEET was discriminatory does not hold water. PTI JSP BN BN


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